Homebrew EBOOT Loader  

The EBOOT Loader (now called "eLoader") is a program that lets you run free, non-commercial software ('homebrew') on PSPs with firmware version v2.0 - v2.80 (NOTE: not v2.81+). This page is here to tell you all about it, and how to get it.

IMPORTANT: The EBOOT loader currently works on v2.0 - v2.80 firmware only.

It's very much work in progress, but can load quite a lot of existing EBOOTs. You can see a list of the test results for the current release using the TIFF method here, and using the GTA method here.
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eLoader v0.995 ("Kriek" edition) (updated 16 Nov 2006)  

The latest version of the eLoader allows you a choice of three methods of launching the loader. The TIFF method works as before, using the PSP's PHOTO menu, and is usable on on v2.00-v2.80 PSPs. The GTA method uses the Grand Theft Auto savegame exploit, and is activated by loading a special saved game slot, within the GTA game. The GTA method is usable only on v2.00-v2.60 PSPs. The final method is 'xLoader', which allows you to run a special patcher image that then allows you to load EBOOTs directly from the PSP's GAME menu.

The eLoader now comes in two versions. If you're using a Windows PC, then the recommended option is to download the automated installer version. This will automatically install eLoader into the correct places on your memory stick.

Alternatively you can download the ZIP file version, and unpack it manually.

For more detailed information on how to install and use the eLoader, you can view the current README.TXT file.

Please let us know if you are able to get any interesting EBOOTs to run, or details of any EBOOTs that it is unable to run, so that we can try to enable them. You can report your results in the PSP Homebrew Database.

Come along and discuss the loader in the new official forums, here, hosted by the excellent PSPUpdates website. You can also discuss the loader in the official IRC channel, #noobz at irc.toc2rta.com - or click here if you don't have your own IRC client.
Previous loader versions  

If you need to download older versions of the loader, use these links:

v0.99 zip

v0.99 installer

v0.98 zip

v0.98 installer

v0.97 zip

v0.97 installer

v0.96 zip

v0.96 installer

v0.95 zip

v0.95 installer