Tetris for the PSP  

I've written a simple Tetris clone, that runs in environments where homebrew is fairly restricted.

It comes in two flavours: "TIFF Tetris", for v2.0 PSPs, and run via the Photo Viewer; and "GTA Tetris", for v2.0-v2.6, run via the Grand Theft Auto game.

TIFF Tetris  

I wrote a simple Tetris clone, to experiment with the TIFF overflow exploit in firmware v2.0, and get used to the PSPSDK compiler tools. It will run on v2.0 firmware only.

If you'd like to play it, you can download it from here. Just unzip the file into the root directory of a memory stick, then use the PSP photo viewer to open the "Tetris" folder.

Source code is available on request.

GTA Tetris  

This is the TIFF Tetris game, ported to the GTA exploit, and is a useful test of the GTA exploit loader that will be used as the basis for the EBOOT Loader on v2.01+.

If you'd like to play it, you can download it from here. It should run on PSP firmware versions v2.0, v2.01, v2.5 and v2.6, and all known versions of GTA.
To install:
See the instructions in the README.TXT file in the package. You may need WinRar from www.rarlabs.com in order to unpack the package.