Our Current PSP Projects  

This page describes the current PSP projects that we're working on. Some of this stuff might never see the light of day, but hopefully it all will.

EBOOT Loader  

Here's the stuff we'd like to get into the EBOOT loader. They're in roughly the order that we expect to work on them.
  • More support for kernel mode applications on 2.0-2.71
  • Support some of the major remaining broken EBOOTs, such as PSP-GBA and SmashGPSP.
  • Implement a ZIP-file filing-system module, to allow seamless use of homebrew within ZIP files.
  • Find better ways to load kernel modules
  • Incorporate bricker-trojan protection into the EBOOT loader by intercepting writes to the flash.
  • Add screenshot support
  • Though we'd like to provide homebrew support for firmware 2.81 and above, that is dependent on someone finding a suitable exploit.
GTA exploit  

Our work on getting homebrew running on Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is now complete - you can run basic homebrew on all known versions of GTA, and all firmwares that can run GTA. As mentioned above, I'm now concentrating on getting the EBOOT loader working on GTA.

You can purchase GTA through Amazon using the links below. If you do so, a small portion of the price will go to support this project. Thanks. Oh, and I apologise for not having links for any other countries - Amazon make it really hard to be internationally-focussed.

Please be aware though that new copies of GTA are probably now patched, and so may not work with homebrew.

Amazon UK:

Amazon USA:
Other ideas  

Some miscellaneous ideas that we'd like to play with, but don't currently have the time:
  • A generic savegame editing tool, that could automatically work out the encryption keys for gamesaves, and let you edit their contents, before re-encrypting them.
  • Some game ports from the gp32x versions. Why should they have all the fun?
  • Look at other game exploits.
  • Look into methods of overcoming the current 4 GB limit for PSP storage - possibly by using partitioning.