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3.50 Downgrader FAQs
Written by Fanjita    Monday, 02 July 2007

Image We've had a lot of questions about the v3.50 downgrader.  Here's an attempt to clear up as many of these as possible.

  1. Can I downgrade without reading the readme guide?
    Yes, if you're feeling brave and stupid.  We write the readme to protect you from common problems and mistakes during downgrading.  Please read it first.

  2. Should I do anything before I downgrade?
    Apart from the instructions in the readme, the only other thing you might want to do is to backup your Lumines savegame, if you want to preserve your profile.  Just back up any folders from /PSP/SAVEDATA with the word LUMINES in the name, then copy them back once the downgrade has completed.

  3. Can I still play Lumines after downgrading?
    Sure.  Just remove the exploited Lumines save data from /PSP/SAVEDATA - either just delete it, or replace it with the backup you made before downgrading.

  4. How do i downgrade a firmware version less than 3.50?
    Simple.  Just upgrade it to v3.50, then do the downgrade.  Don't upgrade via Network Update though - that will install v3.51, which won't work.  Just grab the 3.50 EBOOT from the location given in the downgrader readme file.

  5. Which idstorage keys are altered by this downgrader?
    This downgrader uses the latest idstorage hack for TA-082+ motherboards.  That means that it only modifies key number 5, which means you won't suffer from most of the issues that affected earlier downgraders.

  6. When will the v3.11 stuck firmware fix come out?
    Some time soon.  We're all very busy, and will get to it as soon as we can.

  7. Will there be a version that doesn't need Lumines?
    No. Not for a long time.  Lumines is a good game, and even with all the price-jacking it's not too hard to get hold of.  We did a lot of hard work to bring you this downgrader, it's not so much to ask you to make a bit of effort to track down Lumines.
  1. When will there be a HEN? I don't want to downgrade.
    There already is a HEN, it's included with the downgrader.  It should be just as compatible as the v3.03 HEN.

  2. When will there be an eLoader then?
    As soon as we can find time to get around to it.  We appreciate that some people don't like to downgrade, and do want to do something to support you too.  It just takes a little time - please be patient.

  3. Which versions of the PSP does this work on?
    It works on any currently-available PSP.  The region, model number and colour does not matter.

  4. Which versions of Lumines does this work on?
    It works on all US, EU and JP versions of the original Lumines game, including Platinum, Greatest Hits and The Best versions.  As far as we know, the Australian and New Zealand versions are identical to EU or US, so those should work too.  It does not work on Lumines II,  and it does not work on Lumines+ (that's for PS2 anyway, dummy! Wink )

  5. Does this work on Japanese Lumines? When will it work?
    Yes, it does now! Grab the updated downgrader .

  6. Does Noobz need a copy of Japanese Lumines?
    No, thanks.  We now have the UMD thanks to the help of Daimaou and BDIGITAL.

  7. Does this work on Korean Lumines?
    Yes, it does now! Grab the updated universal downgrader .

  8. Does Noobz need a copy of Korean Lumines?
    No, thanks.  We now have the UMD thanks to the help of GucciPAPA (and kind offers from many other people).

  9. What do you think about people selling downgrader services?
    If it's a reasonable price, it's not so bad.  It would be nice if they would acknowledge the original authors with a donation, however.

  10. What do you think about people selling  Lumines at high prices?
    They are scum, pure and simple. We attempted to help the community with a game that was cheap and plentifully available.  Those who are exploiting the community with high prices are ruining all that, and they are nothing more than selfish bastards.

  11. Which version of the 1.5 firmware should I use?
    All official versions of the v1.5 firmware are identical - you can use the North American version (using the link in the readme) on any PSP, without any problems.

  12. What do I do after I've downgraded? I'm confused!
    The world of homebrew awaits.  There are some simple guides on the PSP Homebrew site that should get you started.

  13. Lumines won't start now on v1.5 firmware.
    You need to delete the exploited Lumines savegame from /PSP/SAVEDATA.  Then it should start normally.

  14. The downgrader complains that it has a corrupted update.pbp file.
    We're not quite sure what causes this.  Try following the instructions again, being careful to follow them exactly.

  15. The downgrader complains that it can't find update.pbp
    Probably Windows has renamed it to update.pbp.pbp. Try just calling it 'update' rather than 'update.pbp'.

  16. Does this exploit work for other games?
    No.  Although other games may look superficially similar, their code is different and this exploit cannot be ported directly to them.  You need to accept that you need Lumines, sorry.

  17. Where can i download ISOs?
    Don't do that.  Really.  Just buy the game.  You can always convert it to ISO yourself if you really need the battery and load-time benefits.
  18. Can you recommend some good homebrew?
    Take a look at the PSP homebrew database for a slightly out-of-date, but still useful, list.

  19. I keep copying MS_ROOT but it doesn't work?
    You're copying the MS_ROOT folder, but you should be copying its contents.  Re-read the readme instructions.

  20. This downgrader isn't enough for me. Release another one. Now.
    No.  If this downgrader isn't good enough for you, that's tough.  We put a lot of effort into it, and can't afford to keep doing that to meet your whims.
Hope that helps.  Any more questions, please add them below.
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abhinay said:

  thank you for your downgrader and thank you for working on the japanese lumines..
July 02, 2007

The_One said:

  Good Infos.
I am one korean guy.. but i do not have a copy of UMD[lumines Korean version] But if I can know your email or if you have instant messenger.. then i can give you a ovinIskldSjkanwO file of it.. smilies/smiley.gif
July 02, 2007

Ghostsonic said:

  Thanks, I was wondering if the HEN in the downgrader worked like the 3.03 one. smilies/wink.gif and people are selfish about the price, people on ebay charge $60 for a "buy now" version! Ugh...
July 02, 2007

Shawn Busker said:

  I would Like To Work for Noobz.eu Could you send me like a devkit.And Can You give me a copy of Lumines I was an idiot And I upgraded.
July 02, 2007

F yes!!!!!! said:

  Finally been waiting for a while but its here Yes. THanks a lot noobz team but i got a question do u guys recommend those customizable themes and s**t??????? cuz the look really good but how safe are they???????pls let me no!!!!!

thanks Tom
July 03, 2007

dougy said:

  ty for an update smilies/smiley.gif
July 03, 2007

Lite said:

  You guys are mad pro
I wish you worked on custom firmwares
July 03, 2007

1234 said:

  lumines 2 is also for psp and if nobody at the company noticed the "weakness" (hint being no patch) is it not possible that lumines 2 may have the same or a similar vulnerability? good luck with the eloader can't wait!

p.s. i haven't downgraded before but i know that the frimware files have things you must read before you upgrade maybe you should put a copy of the readme in there too.
July 03, 2007

M.A.N said:

  I've been waiting for this for a while and am glad to see that it is available now. THANKS i'm looking forward to trying homebrew
July 03, 2007

coolman said:

  so what now that DARK_ALEX is gone???=(
July 03, 2007

A Japanese said:

  Thanks for information!
We wait quietly for downgrader.

BTW, do you know that Hello World run on Japanese Lumines?
A person in Japanese forum released a patch to US Hello World,
and it ran!
July 03, 2007

a gaijin in Japan said:

  I hope that the guys on amazon.co.jp going to die in misery too because they selling the game for $110. Rot in hell you bastards smilies/sad.gif
By the way thanks for the downgrader even thou I'm never gonna downgrade my psp because there are people like the ones mentioned above smilies/tongue.gif
July 03, 2007

Japaneseguy said:

  Plz Japanese downgrader!!
Quick plz!
July 03, 2007

Ryura said:

  Can't find Lumines anywhere! Called all around town, no one has it. Prices are far too extreme on Amazon and ebay...
July 03, 2007

Lumines_Cool said:

What does 3.11 stuck firmware means?
July 03, 2007

LOLZ said:

  Where to download psp firmware 3.50 for europe plz answer me smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif
July 03, 2007

Nimiety said:

  I'm also wondering what "3.11 stuck firmware" means.. i had 3.11 and don't recall any issues, except the screen went black after the downgrade and i had to hit the brighten screen button to get to to show again. but i had already upgraded to 3.50 so i doubt that would be it
July 03, 2007

Sean said:

  Thanks smilies/cheesy.gif

Just thought I'd post to say that play.com started selling the UK version again yesterday for about ??9 including delivery. They're not selling it again now but they might start again sometime.
July 03, 2007

Lukacs said:

  When I load the x.yz update it says error decrypting data.psp make sure that Update.pbp is a valid update eboot, what do I do?

July 03, 2007

F yes!!!!!! said:

  Finally been waiting for a while but its here Yes. THanks a lot noobz team but i got a question do u guys recommend those customizable themes and s**t??????? cuz the look really good but how safe are they???????pls let me no!!!!!
.......................CAn SOMONE HELP ME HERE!!!!!!?????
July 03, 2007

almada.warrior said:

  tanks for this faq noobz
people are getting itchy
don't you feel need to say goodbye to DAX from your website
tnks, that is all, happy hacking
July 03, 2007

Nik said:

  You guys are great. I wish I wasn't so poor so I could donate something to you!
July 04, 2007

Himadri said:

  in my country like india i cant find the LUMINES umd.i find only LUMINES2 UK version .IS this work? Pls help me
July 04, 2007

sin said:

  Nice to meet you! I am a Japanese person. I am short, but please do its best from now on! I support you.
July 04, 2007

Nacs0rez said:

  If any one was stupid enough to downgrade to 1.5 with lumines. Then upgrade to 2.60fw Like i have then you have noticed you cannot upgrade to 3.5 again to use the lumines exploit. However you can upgrade to 2.71fw then down grade to 1.5fw again. I recommend then upgrading to 3.40 oe-a in remembrance of Dark Alex's work.
July 04, 2007

JaXeRiR_01 said:

  Finally been waiting for a while but its here Yes. THanks a lot noobz team but i got a question do u guys recommend those customizable themes and s**t??????? cuz the look really good but how safe are they???????pls let me no!!!!!
.......................CAn SOMONE HELP ME HERE!!!!!!?????

Yes, I suggest that you use those they are cool, but remember NOT to backup your flash0 that will brick your PSP. Just go to recovery mode, select that you want to connect your flash0 to PC and delete EVERYTHING inside flash0:/ after that put the new icons there and restart. If it doesn't work you have done something wrong and your PSP is now a brick congrants. (That's what you get not asking politely but screaming around)

But hey cool, I'm gonna pick up my Lumines today from the local Tilt Player's Shop but I'm not gonna downgrade just yet. You know why? Sony blocking upgrading over 3.30!
July 04, 2007

k3//z0 said:

  this is really amazing!! looking forward to the e-loader. smilies/grin.gif
July 04, 2007

3.4 dan said:

  awesome downgrader... smilies/wink.gif
but i checked every store around me...no Lumines smilies/cry.gif
July 04, 2007

mmPSPmm said:

  blank Configuration screen in the Recovery menu. how?
July 04, 2007

Smals said:

  Another question : will you release some technical information about the exploit (extract from lumines's code vulnerable to the buffer overflow...)?
July 04, 2007

Squirrel from the Netherlands said:

  The brightness bug has nothing to do with corrupted keys. It is caused by changed display hardware. So even when using this corruption-free downgrader, you can still have the brightness bug in your PSP.
July 04, 2007

livelikeafish said:

  i'm new to downgrading. I read the how to file and its pretty straight forward... thanks. I just want to know if i still need the lumines game after the downgrade is completed? I can't find a store that sells it here in winnipeg and Im thinking of renting it. thanks in advance for the help
July 04, 2007

Ur_le_Frog said:

  you guys are awesome!
Can't wait for that v3.11 stuck firmware fixer.
July 04, 2007

wildboy said:

  nice work!thanks! from china
July 05, 2007

Alan S said:

  I got a copy of Lumines on Ebay for ???35 , It's worth it , I'm just going to resell it.

Take a look here http://videogames.search.ebay.ie/ Lumines_Games_W0QQ_trksidZm37QQcatrefZC12QQfromZR40QQsa catZ139973
July 05, 2007

Mav said:

  I'm abit confused. HEN is not the same as a downgrade, right?
If you use HEN you can always go back to the original PSP firmware, right?
Doing a hardware reset will bring you back to the original firmware?
Can somebody tell me how to do a hardware reset?
July 05, 2007

mike2nd said:

  I dont have lumines but could it work with metal gear acid?

and why wont it work on a 3.51 firmware?
July 06, 2007

Hackers!@!@ said:

  Cant wait for you guys to "try" and make a downgrader for 3.50 with GTA:LCS
ou guys even said yourself: It works on the same principle as the GTA:LCS downgrader!
Cant wait!
July 06, 2007

dahub said:

  does tha downgrader work wit GTA LSC? coz iz like impossible to get lumines at a cheap price smilies/grin.gif

[MOD EDIT: There will probably never be any exploit for GTA for firmwares above 3.03. Sony did a better job of fixing it the second time around.
July 06, 2007

locococ said:

  it says it cant find the game wen i try to update to 3.50, wat did i do wrong?
July 06, 2007

Pimanrules said:

  I have a question:

My psp is messed up somehow, so i want to make sure it will still work:

At the part where it says to press r if you do not want to continue, what would happen if r was already pressed when that screen displayed, and held down (which my psp does for some reason).
July 06, 2007

Wedge said:

  I feel really lucky; I found lumines for 16$ used at my local game stop! It was only the second place I checked too (target didn't even have it).
July 07, 2007

Jack Coggan said:

  Noobz - Many, many thanks for the hard work you have done and the dedication to the community.
We REALLY do appreciate it - even if you feel we don't sometimes ! smilies/smiley.gif

Been stuck with a TA082 on 2.81 for ages .... and no GTA !!
Lumines bought and paid for - looking forward to some homebrew now ... finally !

smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif
July 07, 2007


  how to know a Lumines UMD if it's EU, US or JP?? by jusy looking at the case...???
July 07, 2007

Corrupt_mind said:

  umm... I downgraded, and Got confused, and formatted my mem sticks smilies/tongue.gif bad idea, still I got that done, figured, "I'll Just upgrade now, wait for a newer simpler way to get the emulators" (all I wanna do is play Final Fantasy Tactics, Which I have a Playstation Copy for, but lost it). So, I was gonna try to upgrade to the dreaded v3.1, and wait a year, just playing my own games that I bought for it, but it won't upgrade past v2.60. Any suggestions? smilies/undecided.gifAnyone? Open to a way to get the emulators back on but I keep getting the error message "the system configuration of this PSP system does not appear to be correct. The Update cannot be compleated." -For the update and "The game could not be loaded" - Then a number code for games and such. HELP! smilies/cry.gif
July 08, 2007

u guys are so smart! said:

  but does this work on ta-082? coz if it dus than u are so clever
July 08, 2007

reakt said:

  Thanks Noobz! No requests here, just an acknowledgment of all your hard work. I want to say that I really appreciate it. Once again, huge THANKS! smilies/cheesy.gif
July 08, 2007

megatron said:

  cant find lumines in my place argggh!!!!!
July 09, 2007

Sepok said:

  Thankz man I have now downgraded and installed 3.30 OE A smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif
July 09, 2007

James M said:

  Need to go out and buy Lumines! Now i can finnally do some of my mates PSP's! (i've been enjoying homebrew for over a year now! Thank god for the 2.6 Downgrader xD)
July 09, 2007

jDOG said:

July 09, 2007

mix said:

  when i get to step :
13 - Before the downgrader does anything to your PSP it will ask
for you to agree to what it is doing, if you no longer want to
continue press the Right Shoulder Button (R-TRIGGER).

after it patches it it says invalid pbp file..... wut should i do???
July 09, 2007

Conan in Japan said:

  Can I use lumines 2 Japanese ver. to downgrade my PSP?
July 09, 2007

thank you said:

  noobz if you dont go to heaven I dont know who will
July 09, 2007

Vitty said:

  I just don't know what to say except thank you very very very very much for the downgrader smilies/smiley.gif
July 10, 2007

SuperXzer0 said:

  Dose anyone has the game lumines in PBP format please i want 1
July 10, 2007

jonh stuart said:

  someone from braga in portugal got the game? if yes can you lend it just to downgrade my psp ? send P M plz.
July 10, 2007

himu said:

  what is the role of 'checkworks' & 'src' folder in 3.50 downgrader.& where to put this folder in psp? Pls help any one..... pls help
July 11, 2007

Danny Kendall said:

  Can I upgrade to 3.40 OE-A after drowngrading?
July 11, 2007

joe ioannou said:

  f***ing great work noobs my mate just paid out ??100 for a bet that you would do another downgrader before next year, i might even consider a contribution at the current exchange rate i think ??100 = $200 dollars

good luck in the near future just waiting for paypal to verify my account then i will donate
July 11, 2007

anthony.k.o.p said:

  where can i get lumines becsause i look every where and i cant find it
July 11, 2007

Kevin T said:

  I get to the stage where you start the Lumines to get Hen to run but for some reason I don't get that blue flash and Hen won't start.

Any body have any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?
July 12, 2007

garrett said:

  to answer this plz email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

what i need to know is its very sad about dakr_alex leaving but his eo eork will that be continued? by u guy or anyone?
July 12, 2007

Johnnny said:

  Great job.. Now if we can get that 3.11 fix so we can be able to upgrade to 3.50 or 3.11 downgrader!!!
July 12, 2007

xXLi(HXx said:

  i wonder if noobz team have a downgrader that dont need the game lumines cuz i have no money to buy it!!!and what about the previous downgrader they dont need a umd games?????>.... i hope there is another way to downgrade a 3.50 that dont need a umd game......???
July 12, 2007

mong said:

  can i use lumines 2 ? thanks
July 14, 2007


July 14, 2007

An American said:

  Thank u Noobz Team! We really do appreciate your work here in America. smilies/smiley.gif smilies/smiley.gif

P.S. RIP Dark_AleX smilies/sad.gif
July 14, 2007

Da ShiT said:

  WTF?!?!? i did everything right and when i start downgrade, it says 'cannot find file UPDATE.PBP' i put it right where it should be. what the hell?? i tried different memory stik and formatting them. ive tried restoring default settings but nothing seems to work!! please help!!!! email= This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it aim=sexybeast3743
July 15, 2007

Da ShiT said:

  now i tried it on my sisters psp and got the same dam message!! wut dus it mean by the psp has to be patched and motherboards and s**t?!?!?!
i really need help cus i paid a lot for this dam luminies and it aint seemin to help
July 15, 2007

Superdodo111 said:

  Hey, this is probably the only case of this happening. But i kinda spilled dr pepper in my PSP. BY ACCIDENT!!! But anyways the psp wont read UMDs anymore and so i cant use the current 3.5 downgrader. And im too cheap to buy a new PSP, so i was just wondering if anyone would work on one without the lumines. I know theres more important things, but im bored as hell and all i can do is listen to music and play sony demos...
July 15, 2007

Helepon said:

  I can't believe people here are talking like Noobz owe them their work. Have a little gratitude...

So anyways, congrats on the release. I've got a bit of a problem though, I was wondering if anyone else experienced the same thing. Basically, I've upgraded to 3.50, and after having followed the instructions exactly, Lumines simply starts up as normal. I've tried default settings and formatting. The only variable I can think of is the fact that I did nothing with the other two directories in the .zip (because nothing was said about them in the how-to). Have I missed something?

Thanks for any help.

[MOD EDIT: You probably copied the files to the wrong place. Reread the instructions, and check whether it's possible that you have a patched Lumines]
July 16, 2007

psp said:

  please give me the downgread for 3.50 with gta lcs im from iran.
July 17, 2007

Helepon said:

  Ah, not to worry. I attempted it again today, and realised that you have to wait for the title screen to load and press start. Currently running 1.50, thanks guys smilies/smiley.gif
July 17, 2007

Squeeb said:

  is there someway to download lumines for the psp because i can't find it anywhere to buy it and i want to downgrade. if any one has anything plz email me at saqib9512AOL.COM thanks
July 18, 2007

cody said:

  this is ***. ive wanted to play pokemon firered on my psp but now since psp has *** firmware and you have to use the ***est games to download it ill never be able to now this is great. F*** YOU SONY, NO WONDER YOU GUYS SUCK AT EVERYTHING.
July 18, 2007

Japanese guy said:

  Hi Does this work with a japanese psp?
thank you
July 18, 2007

3vi1 said:

  Thanks for your hard work guys. Much appreciated.

I only wish there were more games that could be easily exploited. Lumines magically sold out in every store around Houston, TX within a day of your release. I was running around a dozen stores last week - the employees everywhere were saying "weird, your the 7th person today looking for Lumines". They couldn't understand why Lumines II wasn't selling. I told them "It's because The Blak Eyed Peas suck."

Oh well, ordered it online at 4x the price. :\ Hopefully it will arrive next tomorrow.
July 19, 2007

benny mac said:

  thankyou for all youre hardwork!!! smilies/smiley.gif
July 20, 2007

Kumoribushi said:

  Hey I've tried to downgrade my PSP with the v3.50 universal downgrader. I've followed all steps which were written in the readme but nothing "special" happenend when I load Lumines. It just starts up the game, the screen color doesn't change and he doesn't reboot it self.

The steps that I have token:
-copy the contents of MS_Root to the root of my memorystick
-placed UPDATE.PBP in drive/psp/game/update
-load and run lumines

Could someone help me out, thanks already!!!
July 21, 2007

Kumoribushi said:

  My deepest apology Noobz!!! I didn't run the savefile from Lumines which was lended by you (as this wasn't needed according to the readme). Never mind my earlier comment.

July 21, 2007


  If you got an error "corrupted data" when trying to copy the 3.5 update (if you were using a version lower than 3.5 and had to upgrade before you could downgrade) here's what you need to do. Make sure the EBOOT file in your
July 22, 2007


  Looks like my comment got cut off. If you got an error "corrupted data" when trying to copy the 3.5 update (if you were using a version lower than 3.5 and had to upgrade before you could downgrade) here's what you need to do. Make sure the EBOOT file you're using does not have the numbered prefix, but just says "EBOOT.PBP" If there are any numbers (ex. 12345-EBOOT.PBP) delete the numbers so it's just "EBOOT.PBP". Now it should work. smilies/cheesy.gif
July 22, 2007

edward said:

  am i screwed cuz i bought a psp on craigslist and it came with version 3.51 ?

will the downgrader for 3.51 ever come out ?

July 22, 2007

edward said:

  how do u make ur psp memory unlimed gb like some other people have
July 22, 2007

Orpical said:

  New to this whole thing. Looked at the instructions and the videos on youtube. worked perfect the first time. Probably took 10 whole minutes. smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif
July 22, 2007

G said:

  yo The_one my email is This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
July 23, 2007

JAM said:

  Hey, I'm 13, And not very knoleged about this sorta stuf, my sis upgraded my psp to a 3.51, I dont know if they came out with a downgrade yet, or if they are working on one. My email is This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , Cheers.
July 23, 2007

obaid_oj said:

  i upgrade my psp to 3.51
and thats wat i hav done the foolish thing in my life
any downgradz out for it smilies/angry.gif smilies/undecided.gif
if yes then giv us the link guYZ
July 24, 2007

Riaan said:

  i bricked my psp, no1 around here can help, is there a way 2 fix it?
July 24, 2007

deltacom said:

  thx smilies/grin.gif for all the good work you've done!!!
The only one what I of you needs is still the V3.11 Firmware fixer because I stuck at 3.11.

sry for the fakes smilies/grin.gif
July 24, 2007

Toxic said:

  New user here .. please be gentle: smilies/smiley.gif
I recently picked up a used PSP that has 2.80 on it w/Lumines - and it is a TA-082 motherboard. I've read and read and can't find "explicit" instuctions on how to upgrade to 3.50 (and I don't want to brick it either). Can I just upgrade to 3.50 from 2.80? or do I have to upgrade to something else first? In the read me there's a link to upgrade to 3.50 from 3.10-3.40, but nothing for 2.80. Regards, and thanks in advance.
July 25, 2007

Moosa Rehman said:

  I followed the instructions and got a pink screen not a light blue screen and it does not reset itself. It shuts off. Also I turned it back on and it still says 3.50 not 3.50 HEN. Can someone help me. Do I first have to make a save or wat. Plz respond soon someone plz. Thanks in advacne.
July 25, 2007


  Ok. I have been trying literally everything for the past 3 days, and working at least 6 hours/day for this. I upgraded to 3.50, and got 3.50 HEN version. I got the UPDATE.pbp right, but for some reason that only works if theres UPDATE.PBP and EBOOT.PBP in the folder at the same time. Then i start to X.YZ Update, and it says DATA.PSP could not be found - Check if UPDATE.PBP is a valid .pbp file.
Nobody has been any help wherever i go, and no solution seems to work for me. If i change it to anything else than having UPDATE.PBP and EBOOT.PBP in the same folder, i get a Corrupted Data Symbol. Ive been working on this night and day, please somebody actually help me already!
July 27, 2007

Lonewolf said:

  Is it normal that after downgrade my psp don't have explorer for internet anymore and my network Update won't work at all?
July 27, 2007

coolio_jordan said:

  omg im so happy ive been waiting for a downgrader for ages, thx guys ur the best smilies/cheesy.gif
July 28, 2007

cliffgamerz said:

  Hey RSHAXUR try just typing UPDATE without .PBP his might work.
July 28, 2007

Longhair said:

  Just want to say many thanks.

I just bought a PSP a couple of weeks ago and was lucky enough to find the Lumines game at Toy R Us for 20- instead of eBay at 45 .

Instead of being selfish and buying the last 2 copies on the shelf so I could take advantage of a little kid out of their milk money, I left behind in hopes that who ever buys the game will actually play the game like myself.

Once again, many thanks from this PSP Newbie smilies/cool.gif
July 28, 2007

ha said:

  smilies/angry.gif smilies/sad.gif smilies/shocked.gif smilies/cool.gif smilies/tongue.gif smilies/undecided.gif smilies/smiley.gif smilies/wink.gif
July 30, 2007

nashvillepredators said:

  i can't upgrade to 3.50 it just says corrupted data. i downloaded the update from this site, it was eboot.pbp (like a white piece of paper) and i put it in a folder named update and changed the file name to update. whats the deal man?
July 31, 2007

mah said:

  is there a way to downgrade 3.50 without lumines? and another question are there any homebrews for 3.50?
August 16, 2007

xxnguyenxx said:

  ay is there a way to downgrade 3.51? really need help and i dont wanna buy another psp i already got lumines so yea plz help
August 20, 2007

born2beballin said:

  when i try to run the x.yz update it says cannot find UPDATE.PBP
August 20, 2007

kid said:

  I converted playstation 1 games to eboot. I think it should work on my psp, but it says "you must activate the system". I havn't downgraded from 3.50 yet. Is taht the problem? smilies/cry.gif
August 22, 2007

kid said:

  Is there there another game to use insted of lumines?
August 22, 2007

help me plz said:

  my psp ver 3.11 canot down grade to 1.50. plz do a reverse downgrade so that i can downgrade and upgrade my psp
August 22, 2007


  Hey NOOBZ I have a really important request can you guys please help I downgraded my 3.5 to 1.5 for the first thime I have dowgraded then I updated to 3.11 thinking there was already a downgrade made then I was so sad because before I knew about custom firware I knew anout homebrew but I kept updating because there were not that many great hacks but then I learned all the new hacks after I screwed up and updated to 3.11 umd dumper devhook custom firmware with the cool feature of playing psx or ps1 games with no ps3. I had waited so long for the 3.11 downgrader and the screwed myself over. SO I ASK YOU PLEASE HURRY ON A 3.11 FIX FOR THE PSP BECAUSE I WAITED SO LONG FOR 3.5 downgrader and now I have to wait more.
August 26, 2007


August 26, 2007

secret said:

  where do u get da download...?
August 30, 2007

Yorg said:

  My friends, you make me very happy with discovery that I find helping! smilies/grin.gif

But if you could be more direct on what damage is caused to a PSP that would be of the up most kindness of you to do so.

Also, I find that using a exploit from Codebreakers is ok if you have no clue what to do with your Lumines game?
August 31, 2007


  I'm stuck on 3.11 can you make the fix so we can update again so I can update to 3.5 the downgrade to 1.5 or make a downgrader for 3.11 will you please help. Hurry
September 01, 2007


  I know what i'm going to do brick my 3.11 trying to upgrade to 3.40 oea and then use pandoras battery to unbrick and be back at 1.5 an then properly upgrade to3.40 oea
September 01, 2007


  damn won't work but you need custom firmware to make it anyway
September 08, 2007

A lost guy said:

  Is there any possible way to downgrade from version 3.7?
September 11, 2007

ultimatedood said:

  what does it mean by "copy the ms_root to the top level of your mem stick"? I opend msroot on the illuminati exploit and put the save file in PSP/SYSTEM/SAVEDATA/ULUS10002LUMINES
September 14, 2007

bigfoot14blue said:

  I tried the down load from 3.50hen to 1.50 down to the last steep. I was to hit X but I hit O.I have a TA-082. It gives me three choices, Press X to backup the net config, Press O to restore the net config, and Done. It doesen't do anything but repete this no matter which I push X or O.
September 21, 2007

itajhie538 said:

  sir,i just wanna ask if my lumines platinum german version work for downgrading the psp 3.50
im from 2.81,im kinda nervous hehe.thank you
October 05, 2007

impatient said:

  is there a downgrader for version 3.7 yet?
October 07, 2007

dsadad said:

  What do I do with the files left on psp after the downgrading process, do I delete them?
October 12, 2007

Craink said:

I've got psp version 3.03 oce and when i copy the update to the psp it cannot start the update.help
October 30, 2007

richard said:

  hey,after i did most of the steps.load lumnines and it turned light blue and the psp reseted.i checked if the hen was running by going to system settings and it said 3.50 HEN and the next step toldme to go to my memory stick to rub x.yz update.but it wasnt there,i checked everywhere.so what do i do?please help
October 31, 2007

Paul Paul said:

  Question: I have a version 2.81 PSP. Can I upgrade to 3.5 and then use the Lumines to downgrade? I don't want to look for GTA LC and thought this would be a good alternative. Please can someone confirm it can be done? Thanks.
November 22, 2007

jayjayss said:

  smilies/cry.gif I'm so sad because it won't work for me. I have lumines 10002, and I already downloaded HEN and got MS_ROOT folder and dragged it into my psp as a separate folder. I also did the EBOOT/UPDATE.PBP thing. I have a macbook, and I don't know how to unzip it. I need serious help SERIOUSLY. Everytime I try, Lumines just goes straight to the game, and I end up playing. PLEASe HELP ME ASAP. email= This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
January 21, 2008

U_s_K said:

  I'm a Japanese person.I want to use the 3.50 Downgreder.
But,I heard that I must read "readme" before I use the 3.50 Downgrader.
So I want to know where is readme.

Would you tell me it?HELP!!
February 02, 2008

socc@ nut said:

  hey guys i would like to know if you need lumines or is there another way besides a pandoras battery cause i can't locate 1
March 19, 2008

Corvon said:

  When will the v3.80 stuck firmware fix come out?
April 10, 2008

nooooo said:

  lol my psp bricked but i have another psp 3.40 but it would be really aprrected it you done GTa version i have the right one and all lol
April 17, 2008

Mr. Needs Help said:

  Hey guys, umm seems good and all but i have the 3.90 Version of firmware from the sony site. Does the downgrader work on the 3.90 version. Chuck me and email, or anyone who reads this and has a fair idea to get me onto the homebrew hacks. Cheers.... This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
June 03, 2008

ronin0429 said:

  Thanks guys, great website, I have a PSP bought 2 years ago, with 2.81 firmware, but looks just like the slim PSP. However, it said here that it can't run firmwares below 3.60, what's wrong with my PSP then? It comes originally 2.81... I downgraded to 1.5 then upgrade to 3.40... after used it for 2 yrs, all the keys suddenly function crazy... should I reupgrade again?
October 22, 2008

mac said:

  Thanks, i followed the steps you mentioned and now i can play homebrew thanks a lot.. smilies/smiley.gif
December 10, 2008

koreaboy said:

  hello i'm korean boy
i will custurm pumware(?) go
5.00 Dark Alex !!
it can DMB and iso game copy hhhh
japan god damn!
December 20, 2008

doyowanchant me said:

  are you sure intro vice one thing please,
i use custum pumware,
but ver.5.00m33-3

please comment meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

PS god damn japan
December 21, 2008

how said:

  how to downgrade ?
December 21, 2008

azech said:

  is there a way to downgrade 3.50 without lumines?
February 16, 2009

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