Are new Sony batteries Pandora-proof?
Written by Fanjita    Monday, 24 September 2007

Image I recently received an official Sony PSP-110 battery (the original fat PSP battery), as new from Amazon.  It seems to be a completely genuine Sony part, but it can't be successfully converted to Pandora - the battery creator shows lots of errors, even when flashing an EEPROM image from an older Sony battery.

The only difference from the older battery is that the old battery was made in China, the new battery is made in Japan. 

It wouldn't be surprising for Sony to have patched their batteries so that they're Pandora-proof.  If this is true, then it still shouldn't be a big problem - I'd recommend buying a new, large capacity battery to use as a regular battery, and using the original battery that came with your PSP for Pandora.  And of course, you can always use Booster's multi-IPL loader to use your Pandora battery as your primary battery, if you want.  Just don't go buying new Sony batteries for use with Pandora.

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oglsmm said:

  I just got one of the Official Sony 2200mAh batteries and was able to convert it to Pandora ok.
September 24, 2007

kando said:

  maybe hard-coded the serial number like an esn for a cell phone or such....mostly unhackable.

still its a shame. i hope the new color slims wont have some kind of protection in them too.
September 24, 2007

Pho6oZ said:

  so finally sony do it

was think of time after all

fist post smilies/grin.gif
September 24, 2007

almadawarrior said:

  really, that sucks, but coming from sony don't surprises me
tanks for sharing fanjita smilies/grin.gif
September 24, 2007

Noobz fan said:

  ok this is a cool psp downgrader/unbricker and yea first comment
September 25, 2007

:O said:

  This is not there a different part number or any kind of identifying marks we should be aware of when shopping for a battery, so we don't get duped into buying one of these un-Pandora-able batteries?
September 25, 2007

zubieta said:

  oh man sad thing to listen...
anyway wasnt there a hardware method involving desoldering some battery wire resulting into aislating the eeprom???
well obviously is harder to do...
hope you can find a solution smilies/wink.gif
September 25, 2007

Squirrel from the Netherlands said:

  I had the same problem with a Datel Max battery. Tons of errors when starting the battery converter. It just turned out that the battery was nearly empty. After fully charging it, I could convert it without errors and tested it working.
September 25, 2007

cory1492 said:

  In the pandora battery compatibility thread over at max it had been discussed/discovered that some fake batteries are making their rounds, the package looks like the real deal extended life battery but the battery and package disagree as to where it was manufactured, where one says China (IIRC the package) and the other says Japan (IIRC the battery). Does your battery have this discrepancy between the package and battery too?

Truth test would be running the battery low and seeing if it makes the PSP act like a brick at or below 10%, aside from datel batteries I haven't heard of a many 3rd party/fakes able to actually do proper low power regulation.
September 25, 2007

.A.J. said:

  Thanks for the warning. I'm not surprised that Sony would take such a step. I'm covered with my three batteries.
September 25, 2007

PokeDad said:

  If it has Japanese writing on the back also then I have the same battery as you, but maybe it's nothing to worry about as I ordered by battery about 1 year ago (PSP-110 MADE IN JAPAN). It too seems to be a Sony original part.

I've also seen a few other users comment on the Pandora forums on Maxconsole that they've had the same problem.
September 25, 2007

Kama said:

  Does it say on the battery itself it's made in Japan or only on the packaging?

I bought a fake Sony Battery from DX (only costed $smilies/cool.gif and it can't be turned into a Pandora Battery. It's a PP-110 and the packaging says "made in Japan" too, maybe Amazon is selling those as real?

September 25, 2007

CC said:

  I bought a PSP Battery off of Ebay not too long ago and it will not convert to a pandora battery. I have been having issues of it not always acting right like the battery icon disappearing and the PSP saying it is on external power when there is not power adapter on it. It is a Sony Stamina Battery Pack 2200mAh Model PSP-280 Made in China. When I try to convert to a pandora just using X it says successful but it does not work. When I flash a eeprom it just give a load of errors. I also receive Error at address 0x26 on startup of the program.
September 25, 2007

cory1492 said:

  One further note, go into any B&M and ask when they are restocking the PSP-110u batteries... you will find out what I did on my recent outing to find one locally: PSP-280 "stamina" are the only stock Sony has been sending out to retail since the "fat" daxter value pack was released.
September 25, 2007

PAinKiLLa said:

  Just thought Ild let u know if u get ur psp fixed by sony (UK) they now request ur battery & give u one that was made in china to replace it (the one that cant be flashed). lucky I gave them a dud battery back smilies/cheesy.gif
September 25, 2007

coca_koehler said:

  Thank you for the heads up Fanjita
September 25, 2007

xXxVeNoMxXx said:

  I bought one of these??? smilies/angry.gif

Waiting now "Pandora 2.0".... smilies/wink.gif
September 25, 2007

Kersentaart said:

  I have a Sony psp-110 i have it a half year (Made in China) en its works fine, how can i recognice a patched battery?
September 25, 2007

Davinski said:

  He said it was an original sony battery so there is NO CHANCE of it being fake smilies/wink.gif
September 25, 2007

azn4l1fe said:

  Anyone know of a tutorial to get multi boot loader working... if i can avoid forking out money for another battery I would be really happy...
September 25, 2007

G1 said:

  Thanks for the heads up smilies/wink.gif I hava the pandora thanks to you and everyone that made this possible. Thanks for the unbricker. Without the unbricker I would have been stuck with a brick for 3.71 M33 as I tried to play with flash0 smilies/tongue.gif
September 25, 2007

Pantherfire said:

  It's a disapointment to hear this news. Why the heck would Sony try and eliminate a great tool for bricking? I understand that it's because it can flash to 1.50, allowing CFW and people with pirated games, but I mean, alot of people have screwed there PSP once upon a hack, and now their trying to take the tool away from us? That's a shame.
September 25, 2007

kennyboy said:

  eh....because they want you to go to them to fix any problem and upgrade your firmware to a version that won't allow CFW?

You must be real dumb to think Sony is your good friend in piracy and homebrew.
September 26, 2007

The master said:

  I knew about the Pandora proof battery my contact at sony told me a while ago before the scene knew about it i was told by my contact to keep my gob shut because apparently there on to my contact. he did say they intend to stop stop hackers and home brewers and stuff he said they are looking at ways to stop M33 CFW'S but that's all he told me for now he did say they have decoded the firmware and are now looking at the exploits used. he also said there was a development slim psp on a TA-90 motherboard that will not go below Firmware 3.0 and only would take signed update's from sony , apparently using the same method as UMD'S. In other words Pandora's battery not work on slim for sometime if sony have anything to do with it.
September 26, 2007

commenter said:

  the master plz try and find out more inside information plz
September 28, 2007

CallMeJack said:

  and, The master, you are the world's biggest compulsive liar...
September 28, 2007

X said:

  Wow Sony being so greedy? Next thing coming up will be Pandora-proof memory sticks smilies/angry.gif It would be nice if there was a method to tell a Pandora-proof from a Pandora-friendly smilies/wink.gif These days Sony is reacting faster and faster to such exploits smilies/sad.gif
September 28, 2007

God-Damnit said:

  Now where can i buy one of these smilies/cry.gif

I bet even the ones listed on eBay UK that say they are not Pandora Proof are/
September 29, 2007

shame said:

  i have 3 batterys but still wat happens if the batterys stop worken through time like they mess up and BTW i have 2 psp but stiil hope they crack the battery
October 01, 2007

GG said:

  Meh, just use new battery as boot battery and convert your original into pandora. problem solved .. except for newbies
October 02, 2007

moe said:

  so if i buy the sony battery thats made in china will i be able to convert it to pandors batteries ????????????????
October 07, 2007

PIE said:

  Well..... Sony does it... AGAIN smilies/sad.gif
Foils the 1st EVER universal downgrader/unbricker...
AFTER nearly foiling other DG methods (patching GTA-LCS and LUMINES)
Better just use the Original Batt as a PANDORA (until SONY stops us) and buy a new Stamina Batt for regular use until Pandora ver. 2.0 comes out, right??? smilies/grin.gif
October 09, 2007

Fomox said:

  Yes why not take the original battery and convert it to a pandora battery?
gonna buy a new battery soon and finaly get my 3.51 FW to a 3.52 CFW.
I can`t wait to play downloaded games and help my friends that buy the psp
to do this (wee was one week to late smilies/undecided.gif ).
October 10, 2007

Squirrel said:

  It's possible to hard-pandorize the Slim battery (lift the eeprom's pin 5). I tried it and it is working. I bet this can be done too to the new fat batteries, as long as they're not chinese fakes.
October 12, 2007

KiKzM33z From AfterDawn. said:

  here's a method to hack your battery into a pandora.

have a psp that's around 1 year and a half old(from october 2007)and convert the battery that came with it.then use that pandora-proofed battery(never thought PROOF and PANDORA would go togher smilies/sad.gif) and use it as your main.ta-da!a fully working hacked long as ebay and amazon is out there, sony can't to crap!

3.71M33-2 Glitch?Click here!
October 13, 2007

PSP Nikos said:

  My pandoras battery is japanese.

English writing but made in Japan and it is quite new.
October 24, 2007

Jwp315 said:

  can You guys help me?, it says on my psp battery PSP-110, this battery came with my PSP, when I bought it brand new, although I bought my PSP around 7-8 months ago, and it was definateley before the Pandora battery release!
October 27, 2007

POTATO said:

  I have finished all steps to the one which need start pandoras firmware installer. but when i open it with my psp, my psp just directly showing the openning CG and then shutdown automaticly, can any one give me a help please,
October 28, 2007

POTATO said:

  back to the question above, i just want make it easy, it seems that when my psp try to use installer to creat the msipl.bin , it will automaticly shut down.
October 28, 2007

bl0ndd4n said:

  hey noobz are you going to try downgtrade 3.71 without pandora because i dont no any with a custom psp smilies/cry.gif
November 19, 2007

rex922 said:

  DATEL sells its tool batteries which are premade pandora battries ive heard
November 24, 2007

superpspfreak15 said:

  im thinking aboult buying a psp slim for my brother for christmas and i was wandering if i could use a pandora's battery (fat) to run m33 on the slim im going to buy for him i have a china battery 5117AWG
November 28, 2007

haad said:

  can som1 help me here ive bricked my psp slim was downgrading cfw 3.71 m33-3 to 1.5 now i cant turn on my psp adn cant even get to the recovery mene...?help plz.
November 29, 2007

haad said:

  hey ppl ive bricked my psp slim was downgrading it from cfw 7.71 m33-3 to 1.5 and now i cant turn it on and cant get to the recovery menu..
November 29, 2007

Anton338 said:

  IDK, I bought my PSP like in June 2007, I read this thing on the internet that when you cut the 5th pin on a microchip, it turns it into a pandora's battery. (no need for a cfw psp but u still need the mmry stick) Turns out that the new psp's microchips are neatly sealed in epoxy gell! smilies/angry.gif
So yeah, i cant even find the right chip anyway...
November 29, 2007

Alexis said:

  I got a fast question :

Is the 2 200 mAh batteries are pandora proof ?

Thank you for your answer smilies/wink.gif !

November 30, 2007

g dawg said:

  Cant you just remove the 5 pin and BAM! instant pandora?
December 04, 2007

sasasasasasasasasasasas said:

  i realy want to downgrade my psp its on 3.71 i dont how to downgrade it where can u buy a pandoras battery
December 05, 2007

Puckett said:

  Yo does this prohibit soft-mod or hard-mod? I have heard there are ways to edit the software on the chips of the batterys but i desoldered the batterys 5th pin on my Battery.

Does this new battery prohibit both ways?
December 13, 2007

hack 101 said:

  i need hlpe hack me psp 10000
December 17, 2007

tri5tian said:

  I bought a "pre-owned" PSP with one of these batteries. Tried to desolder a chip with a dot on but no luck. The battery still works greay by the way.
December 18, 2007

DaNgLe said:

  I have a model psp 2003 slim, and I just got a sony battery made in japan model psp-280 2200mAh, and although it charges it wont actualy power the unit itself.

Any ideas?
January 02, 2008

Nycatt said:

  I will install cfw for anyone, email me This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
January 04, 2008

anum said:

  the psp-110 can be hard-modded!

finding the right pin is not hard if you do some research.

i did it and made a short guide (includes picture!) smilies/wink.gif smilies/smiley.gif,3588.0.html
January 07, 2008

Seanpaul223 said:

  this is not surprising..thery're really doing the most to stop the underground..
seanpaul223 from
January 08, 2008

dan_sz said:

  omg guys guys psp slims are easyer to hard-mod then normal bats just have to cut a wire on motherboard and use a pencil to make it normal again
January 17, 2008

question said:

  can i use a psp slim battery to make a pandoras battery?
January 18, 2008

knober said:

  damit stupid sony make f**kin pandora proof battery s**t man..... smilies/angry.gif smilies/angry.gif
January 21, 2008

Mine had no chip said:

  but i was still able to turn it into a pandora manuwaly and i did nothing but it now half batt half pandora batt coz i can run it like normal
January 22, 2008

KN Inc. said:

  Yeh, I just bought 2 PSP-110 batteies off amazon that had japenneese writing on the package. Said offical, logically formated my MS' but when i got to the battery creator i had a ton of erors just like a couple of you guys... Too bad. It does seem like sony is smarting up (for thier sake anyway)
January 24, 2008

need help said:

  can u make a pandoras battery from one of these?? sry small pic but it doenst say anything on the front picture and theres some text behind it. its 1800mah 3.7v battery. please someone answer :S mail at me This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
January 28, 2008

ju said:

  i have a psp-110 model 3.6v 1800mah sony battery, made in china. i want to make it pandora, but i don't know which chip to cut(its a strange battery. anyone want to help me out?
February 02, 2008

moers said:

  ju i have the same battery i cut the 5th one but didnt work then i cut the 4th one and it still doesnt boot its still normal though...... smilies/sad.gif
February 03, 2008

philcamlin said:

  smilies/grin.gif whywould you buy a new battery for pandora anyways lol

i got 1 for 12.99 at ebgames lol

it was a stamina and china * smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/wink.gif
February 03, 2008

Goopydude said:

  hardmod then
February 18, 2008

Dodgy Dealr said:

  Sony aint stupid, only battery ive managed to mod at all is an official sony psp 110 5X27BZA made in china (soft mod)
ive got a new sony psp 110 battery 64714EWJ made in china (for customers in taiwan only) will not soft or hard mod!

I HATE YOU SO MUCH SONY (but your still cool)
March 02, 2008

pr0z said:

  For anyone that's curious, I bought a STAMINA 3.6v 2200mAh PSP-280 u/98541 battery(Made in Japan). I've successfully made it into a Pandora battery(hardmod'd).

This comment is for anyone with doubts.
March 04, 2008

Rynakian said:

  i think i got that same battery i opened it up and it had the same exact parts as the chinese knockoff i bought total rip off, can't even trust physical appearance anymore.
March 14, 2008


  my pandora battery broke my psp smilies/angry.gif

Who plays mpo plus?
April 11, 2008

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it said:

  I dunno which pin to cut off on mine its the same battery as ju
its a 1800mAh made in china with different insides to the pictures I have seen
some1 please tell me what pin to cut or tell me where I can buy a pandora battery thats not a crappy fake thing email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it thanks plus if u can help me i got a lot of downloadable stuff to hack into almost every console and game. smilies/wink.gif smilies/tongue.gif
April 16, 2008

Christian F. said:

  The Battery that came with my psp is this one... but it doesn't say it was made in japan it says it was made in china, when i opened it the chip isn't there, so i believe i have the patched one, but i got my psp about a year ago???
April 30, 2008

K410H said:

  hi i have a question i just buy a black psp slim/light but the batery pack is 3.6 1200 mAh and it says made in japan .. could i make it in a pandora batary ???
May 14, 2008

K410H said:

  hi i just buyt a psp light / slim but the battary pack says 3.6V 1200 mAh made in japan ...
so could i make it in pandoras battary ???
May 14, 2008

Thing said:

  I hardmodded my new battery and it worked
May 28, 2008

qu1xs1lv3r said:

  i just got a new psp slim.. motherboard ta-88 v2.. and guess what no pandora!

good thing i was still able to modify it!
June 04, 2008

Bth8 said:

  could you just hardmod it, i think the pcb is in a different place but i think itl still work
July 19, 2008

iiidotcom said:

  hey anum i wen onto your post on the site when u said you could make 150 to pandora. but the pic is blocked could you show me email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
August 02, 2008

jaymoney said:

  i got 1 psp-s110 made in china and i cant pandoriz it smilies/angry.gif
August 19, 2008

a kid that want's to make a pandora's battery said:

  I have ofw 4.01. can i borrow somone's pandora's battery for free? (borrow not keep)if i can't i'll have to ask my cousin for his psp (he dosen't use it that much)or i'll have to buy one or my friend has to buy one
September 01, 2008

Jonnyonthespot said:

  I recently bought a slim, AFAIK its a t-88 v2 mobo, so its hackable, but so far i havent found the dam battery, I both soft modded and hardmodded (trace method AND cut-chip-leg method) baterry still works like normal, says made in china, and completley charges, so i wonder....just wth that chip do there then?

oh well, guess ill have to order a datel battery : (
October 11, 2008

XpanD said:

  Hmmz... About to buy one of these through DealExtreme. smilies/tongue.gif

No need for Pandora, just need a battery so I can sell my old PSP Fat (I have a modded Slim). smilies/cheesy.gif
October 15, 2008

WTF said:

  i know lol i just bought a new sony psp battery and did the same thing but it still works the black screen nothin,just normal!!
November 06, 2008

Mark Dila said:

  One time i also bought an official battery to find out i could not pandorize it soooooooooi opened it up and it had the same parts as a chinese knock off i had ALSO it was stated it was made in japan but obviously wasn't be very careful who you buy from
November 10, 2008

1417 said:

  EDIT: uh.. So is this pandora proof battery the same battery with one chip when you open the battery up?
November 11, 2008

Geoff said:

  Its not pandora proff I found some website that tell you how. On my I opened it and snipped online one leg on the one small chip at the top following instructions from various website found via google searching
December 29, 2008

blacklaser said:

  I can not pandora my new sony 2001 psp slim battery and it was made in china and it really stinks I paid $188 to replace a psp I had it working complety oh yea I only had a week before it got stolen so if I chould get any help form any one so I can have fun please late me know.
January 02, 2009

blacklaser said:

  Will a normal pandoran battery still work to downgrade the psp or did they make the psp pandora - proof to?
January 07, 2009

need help said:

  my batt doesnt have those chips
January 14, 2009

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