Datel TOOL batteries - buyer experiences
Written by Fanjita    Saturday, 15 September 2007

Image You've probably already seen the news that Datel are selling a clone of the Pandora battery.  You may even have been excited by their marketing information:

"Special TOOL version of our PSP battery works in exactly the same way as a standard SONY PSP battery but has the ability to put your PSP into service mode for custom firmware use."

You might have thought that this means that you no longer need a homebrew PSP to be able to get started with Pandora.  Unfortunately, you'd be wrong.  And Datel don't seem to be in any hurry to put you right.

This product is useful, in that it allows you to skip the step of needing a homebrew PSP to modify an existing battery.  It even comes in a nice fire engine red colour, so you don't get it confused with your other batteries. And it's not a bad price.  But you still need a homebrew PSP to create the files to place on the memory stick.  Without the special memory stick, Pandora is useless.  And no-one is able to legally give you the files required to prepare that stick without a homebrew PSP.

When you buy the TOOL battery, you get just the battery.  No instructions, no indication that you even need a memory stick, let alone how to prepare it.  Datel seem to be happy to let the buyer make the mistake of thinking this is all they need, and they don't even help you figure things out once you realise your mistake.  I think that's pretty crappy, and relying on the community to do their customer support for them is rotten.

Incidentally, it also seems that the quality control is pretty poor - we've heard tales of at least 1 TOOL battery that just didn't work, apparently because it had the wrong serial number. 

You can read the tale of woe that led to this article in the Noobz forum discussion thread here.  Please note that in the Noobz forum we cannot legally tell you how to generate your memory stick files if you don't have a homebrew PSP.

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XxArachitexX said:

  So why can't they make a homebrewed TOOL memory stick? smilies/grin.gif
September 15, 2007

pandora>>>>Datel said:

  that's just evil. tricking customers into thinking they can DG, but they only get a battery with no instructions at all.

September 15, 2007

Drugless said:

  Check out the Noobz Forums to see who can help you for FREE!
September 15, 2007

Drugless said:

September 15, 2007

PSP-1412 said:

  people do anything for money
September 15, 2007

kama said:

  It does say in the Tool Battery's manual:
When a Memory Stick that contains the correct data is inserted then the PSP will continue it's Service Mode operation. Several applications which make use of the PSP's Service Mode have been made available. These applications must be stored in a correctly Formatted Memory Stick in order to operate in Service Mode.

And they only claim in their advertising that "this battery has the ability to put the PSP into Service Mode", which it does.

And face it, anyone who buys the Tool Battery know why they buy it and they probably already have the necessary files to make the Memory Stick without having to use a homebrew enabled PSP.
September 16, 2007

black-ninja said:

  this product doesnt work i have the special memory stick and the tool battery and it doesnt work! so dont buy this!
September 16, 2007

greyone said:

  re: black-ninja
i bet you dont have the battery
September 16, 2007

Schnappy said:

  Well I have a pandora all setup with a ms, the fact that it's read is very enticing =P
September 16, 2007

dejaynizmo said:

  Ummmm i have one... and it works great... you must be stupid as f**k and just not know how to make a "magic" me stick through your comp and not on a psp... so Noobz I'm sorry but it does work without a modded psp ive done it.. but i do with the money I spent on it could have gone to you... but i didnt have a choice
September 16, 2007

EuroTrickSki said:

  This is a scam. This battery is the same as a regular normal batteries.
They advertise that it is "capable" of downgrading your PSP after you put
special files onto it but what they don't tell you is that's possible with a regulary battery as well.
September 16, 2007

MozyMan said:

  Such a scam, and they tell a normal battery can't be used for this either, even one from them:
Please note: The TOOL functionality is hard-coded to put the PSP into service mode. The standard version cannot be changed to have this functionality so please choose the version you require when ordering.
September 16, 2007

Loonix said:

  @kama Thank you for that information its good that it is there (in the Manual)
but sadly i could not find the Manual anywhere for download smilies/sad.gif
The Product description claims as you say that it is capable to put the PSP
in service mode and nothing else but they dont give a hint either that
its not the full deal.

@dejaynizmo the point is that it is illegal to distribute that files needed
so we cant help them here smilies/undecided.gif
If you know a way to dump the whole files for the stick (msipl.bin and firmware files)
please stop by in the forum and let us know!
After all a lot of noobs come here looking for help smilies/cool.gif
September 16, 2007

Ofnir1 said:

  I'll be getting this pretty soon, just need a 256mb Pro Duo card and the card reader is on it's way. I already know what to do: charge battery for at least an hour, create the magic memory stick with Pandora's Easy Installer, insert MMS then the battery, and I should be able to downgrade to the almost-there version of 1.50.
September 16, 2007

Fanjita said:

  kama: perhaps it would be nice for them to make that clear before you've bought the manual? As it stands they are preying on ignorance, and I find that distasteful.

dejaynizmo: the money is unimportant. The fact remains that it is impossible to legally create the memory stick without a homebrew PSP.
September 16, 2007

kama said:

  @Fanjita: They claim on their web shop that the battery puts the PSP into service mode, which it does. What you do with it afterwards, is up to the buyer.

I don't see a difference in using that Pandora Easy GUI or using someone elses homebrew enabled PSP to create the Memory Stick, both methods are equally (il)legal imo.
September 16, 2007

badar said:

  hi idont have a homebrew psp but i managed i bought the datel tool battery and downloaded pandoras box easy gui and it put everything i needed on my memory stick plus it put the team m33 firmware update 4 and thats it.

you can do it without a cfw psp trust me i did it
September 16, 2007

sl1pkn07 said:

  i have the Tool battery. the battery is active by default. but needs MS magic

the serial number is 0x51515151 (pandoras battery creator)
September 16, 2007

fuzzchopz said:

  It is possible to brick a battery using the Pandorra software so it ended up costing me for a new battery but I also got a TOOL battery as well so i don't have the worry of bricking another one.
September 16, 2007

Anonymous said:

  I bought the Datel battery and it works fine, and technically you can make a magic memory stick without cfw. Take a look on some PSP forums, there are a few GUIs that can make MMSs from a PC. Thats how I got on cfw. I dont know anyone with a cfw psp, so I bought a Datel (no respect to Datel, only to Noobz) battery and made a MMS on a PC.

Anyway, the point is that Datel paid no respect to Noobz, and I think its sad that they are taking all the money for something they didnt create.

Im sorry for buying a battery Noobz from Datel, but it (technically) is possible to create a Pandoras Battery and Magic Memory Stick without CFW.
September 16, 2007

usernameforever said:

  well i have an Homebrew PSP and bought the DATEL tool, now how do i put the files on my 2 gig MSPD?
September 16, 2007

faizan said:

  i live in dubai and one day my psp got bricked so i went to a local game shop they said they could fix it and they d=gave me this datel battery and they
said just insert it in ur psp and when i did the instruction manual said
"When a Memory Stick that contains the correct data is inserted then the PSP will continue it's Service Mode operation. Several applications which make use of the PSP's Service Mode have been made available. These applications must be stored in a correctly Formatted Memory Stick in order to operate in Service Mode" and i did and it didnt work.why those f***in bastards
September 16, 2007

disgruntled dude said:

  What's up? I read into the battery thing, and I agree it's gotta be a scam. I've got a pandora set, and my battery won't work unless I insert the memory stick. For those of you looking to get a LEGAL pandora battery set, using your own memory stick and battery, check out this awesome guy:

I sent him my memory stick and battery (I didn't have a homebrew PSP, so he was a real life saver), and in 3 days, I got my stuff back, along with some instructions on how to use the kit, and how to make my own. I downgraded perfectly, and now I am able to do all kinds of stuff: play UMDs, play movies, even change the background! I've got m33 3.52. By the way, if you do use the ebay service, tell the guy "youarepwned" sent you! KTHXBAI, and I hope I was useful.
September 16, 2007

Pantherfire said:

  I was wondering now that this is brought up. If a company were to sell a Pandora's Battery and a magic memory stick with all the files for them already installed, ready to use, but said something along the lines "Dear consumer. This pack is a ready-to-go bundle that DOSE NOT require a hombrewable PSP, ALTHOUGH, Pandora's Battery and the Magic Memory Stick can be created for free from (link to noobz pandora post)" Would that be legit?
September 16, 2007

Fanjita said:

  disgruntled dude, pantherfire: Distributing those files is illegal - they are modified, decrypted sony copyright code. Therefore the ebay store you mentioned is not legal, and nor is selling the battery/memory stick.

Incidentally, I can't recommend buying this stuff from ebay. Regardless of the legality, there are plenty of people who will help you out for the cost of postage. Why would you want to pay someone who wants to make a business out of this?

And finally - please don't use this site for referral links. Your link has been deleted. That seller is also one of the scum who seems to claim that their "new service" is all their own doing - I refuse to allow links to ebay sellers who don't even acknowledge the original source of the free software they are using.
September 16, 2007

Pantherfire said:

  Thanks Fanjita. Yeah, I understand, just like those damn ps3news idiots. I have another question then, can people be arrested for creating and using the Pandora files?
September 16, 2007

TaiMaiShu said:

  yea so is there anyone in the new york region that has a hacked psp that would like to do the pandora thing for me, dont know anyone around me so i figured id ask

September 17, 2007

Daikodoshi said:

  i got the battery and i found a GUI installer which put the needed files onto my memstick for i didn't have homebrew enabled PSP and everything worked fine with it
September 17, 2007

Question said:

  If i put my MS in a card reader an Right Click>Format would that be formating logically?
September 19, 2007

funny man said:

  How long before Sony shut this down?
September 19, 2007

TaiMaiShu said:

  hey Daikodoshi what version psp did u have because i have 3.51
September 20, 2007

chetor said:

  it is true that you can create a pandora battery for free, but this is a great purchase for those who want to avoid the woe of possibly screwing up a fresh battery. plus, it's probably not a good idea for datel to openly say the battery is for homebrew use. datel knows it. we know it. sony knows it. but this way, no one has any legality issues on their hands.
September 20, 2007

Devezu said:

  Don't look at it as a bad thing. Its good for those who don't have access to homebrew psps to create the battery in the first place (since you can create the files on any computer with the knowhow). But if they didnt even give credit to the NOOBZ team, then they should be ashamed of themselves!
September 20, 2007

Ofnir1 said:

  I wouldn't say that they prey on ignorance, because if they even mentioned Team C D, they'd be done for.

Oh yeah, I have the 256mb Pro Duo card and card reader, just waiting for the Tool Battery to arrive. And to make it clear, I will be using Pandora's Box GUI, not the easy installer. The download that I got of the Easy Installer was from a link on AfterDawn, and it came bundled with IamBigBrother (computer monitoring software). So if anyone uses the Easy Installer, be sure to update everything and disconnect from the net.
September 22, 2007

matt ( [___]%) said:

  hey I think these are illegal on ebay now smilies/angry.gif
September 26, 2007

Joker2007 said:

  This guy is giving the info away for free! it links to this very site
September 27, 2007

granite123 said:

  DATEL YOU SUCK !!!!!!!!!
I bet your mom doesnt love you now lol smilies/cheesy.gif
October 01, 2007

jamie668 said:

  DATEL ARE COMPLETE BAS arces smilies/angry.gif
October 03, 2007

aliCat said:

  I understand where you are all coming from, it does seem that Datel stole this from Team C D, but go easy, not all of us go around with a homebrew PSP on hand so that leaves three options: finding someone who does who can make the jigkick for you, making the stick then cracking open the battery and physically modify it into a tool battery, or get the Datel battery and loading Pandora onto a memory stick.

do u not see all the jerks on ebay selling pandora's battery for 80$ ??? sure the battery runs you 40$, but a 256MB mem stick you can ebay for like 10 or under, and shipping for that little battery and memstick runs under5$. So all the rest they are pocketing (up to 30$ for them, w/ nothing going to Team C D). THOSE are the worst of the worst. THOSE are the people you should be bashing.
October 04, 2007

pandora said:

  where i get a easy installer for pandora

i have a memsick slot in my pc and i want to get a liknk for a easy installer
October 07, 2007

flipflop said:

  i bought this battery and used. i didnt have another psp to make the memory card as i only had one which i bricked. i do have a sony digital camera. hmmmmmmmmm

anyone who says this method doesnt work hasnt set up the memory stick right.

if you also dont have a second battery to make in to a pandora battery this is a pretty reasonably priced alternative for a battery exclusivly for fixing your bricked psp.

thats it.

all the haters and moaners quit it!
October 09, 2007

flipflop said:

  ps- the other good thing is you can leave all the files on your memory stick
as they dont interfere with the operation of the stick.
October 09, 2007

Death said:

  You can use the Pandora's Box GUI.
Infact, there is a guide on using the TOOL battery here:
October 16, 2007

MattTheGreat said:

  yo, i have a homebrew-enabled psp, should i use my extra battery for a pandora in case of an emergency or something, or just use it fo extra playtime?
October 23, 2007

Death Pixie said:

  To all those morons who say "Don't buy this, it doesn't work" ...grow up and try HARDER...

I have a PSP Slim running 3.60 and used this battery AND the TOTALNewbi Easy Insaller (google it!) to upgrade my PSP to 3.71 M33.

I did this easily and without the need for a phat PSP or anything else.
I'm no expert, this is the first time I've done anything like this, so yes, I'm a "n00b" but clearly a n00b with a brain. If I can do it anyone can so stop moaning.
November 05, 2007

nickm said: shows that it can be done.
we all know that gettin the files onto the memstick are illegal,but so what,sony feels the same about all homebrew. i know u feel bad that it was ur idea first,and that theyre making money (by selling a battery ready for use) u make money by getting donations for making homebrew stuff. same thing really. and as for being so bitter cuz they didnt give hacker credit, have some sense, they cant mention you.
if i ever see this in a shop im gonna buy it,im in ireland where homebrew n psps dont seem so popular and im not fortunate enuff to kno someone to make the pandora for me
November 06, 2007

chip said:

  Thats strange... I can't get it to rechrage! I read the instructions on how to recharge, but it doesn't seem to work... smilies/cry.gif
November 09, 2007

mr.blahblah said:

  i know that a lot of people say that this battery is a rip off but where can you get it? i already have the files i just need a battery and this datel battery is my only hope. and one more thing how does it get your psp into service mode? smilies/undecided.gif smilies/cheesy.gif
November 12, 2007

1234infernodestroyer said:

  ir wooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrks lol
November 12, 2007

Kotorlord said:

  i have an datel tool battery i got 2 day ,i used the pandoroh easy gui on my scandisk 2gb memory stick it installed fine , but when i put the tool battery in it and the stick it goes to a black screen and just stuck ther
November 16, 2007

Martin Smith said:

I have a pandora memory stick already, so if i buy one of these datel tool batteries, can i downgrade my psp back to 1.50 from 3.72 ? i recently semi-bricked my psp on 3.71-m33. Then used the japan 3.72 to upgrade back to offical firmware, but now i have no homebrew smilies/angry.gif ! please can you send me any relevent infomation i may need, thanks in advance.

E-mail me on ... This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thank You smilies/wink.gif
November 20, 2007

Cillian said:

  The best site to buy it from is ...being honest with you...first time i used site i was worried it was a scam cos some parts like puttin in visa details are in spanish even though i had clicked the english option!! arrived in 3 days!!i paid monday morning at about 90clock...arrived wednesday evening...and i'm living in very fast delivery from Spain!!i's definetly recomend getting it there!! smilies/wink.gif
November 27, 2007

xero said:

  I don't know what everyones issue is but i bought the battery and used my computer to make a magic memory stick. From there you just read some directions not to hard. I downgraded my firmware to 1.5 and then patched the custom firmware and it works fine. Maybe it's to hard to read or google to find the info you need.
November 28, 2007

Martin Smith said:

  Hey guys,
I got myself a "Datel Tool Battery" from "". Anyways you don't need a homebrew enabled PSP, just so long as you download the "pandora gui 1.5" and follow the instrutions you will easyily get it working.

*** If you want to see my datel tool battery working then please visit :

--=== ===--

-= This is my own video. please leave a comment on what you thought. =-

My personal rating is 9/10
December 02, 2007

Mr.dALi07 said:

  Where do I get the mem files from plez?? much appreciated , email me on This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
December 04, 2007

ewood group said:

  where do you but Tool batteries
December 04, 2007

alex008 said:

  I'm in dubai, any ideas where i can get the battery, i have the ms ready and a bricked slim
December 05, 2007

$_alex_$ said:

  hey faizan could u tell me which shop in dxb sells datel tool? i have the necess. files, plz
December 05, 2007

Irish_Kid said:

  Hey...I'm planning on buying a datel battery for my psp slim. Does andyone know for sure if the datel phat battery will work? Or must i buy the slim one? it would be great having one that can be used in both. Thanks smilies/smiley.gif
December 06, 2007

Getting it soon said:

  i am getting it soon and wondering if the files work on 1gb mem stick*(i got like 20 of em) and need to know if you can just put it in and it works????

i watched a video and it showed that it worked so i dont know yet

December 13, 2007

Alex -T said:

  You dont need a homebrew psp to make magic memory card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can do it, if you have Boosters MS IPL multiloader and all files needed for magic memotry card.
Format card on pc for FAT, NOT FAT32!!!
run Boosters multi IPL loader, ptu the card, and if the program recognize it, press Y,
Copy IPL files to a card to a right place, and copy magic mc files as well.
Read readme file for Boosters multy IPL loader and use your card with pandora battery. oh i forget, download 1.5 fw, and put it ti your card with Pandoras GUI program.
Try to use your card with pandorras battery.. holr left trigger (or some buttons, read Boosters multi IPL load manual for details.
I made it with 512mb sandisc m stick pro duo, and it works.

thanks for reading, any questions to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

sorry for my english...
December 14, 2007

ewood group said:

  can buy it tool i live in the US smilies/angry.gif
December 19, 2007

alan parker said:

  i just used totalnewbieeasyinstaller to create the magic memory stick and my datel tool worked perfect ive never had to go near a fat psp and i'm now up to 3.71m33
December 27, 2007

gunnydude said:

  I bought the Datel Battery and I think its great, I used the Pandora's Box creator program on a xp pc to create a correctly formatted MC to enable the battery and it works really well.(You dont even need a modded psp to use)

I used it to downgrade a 3.71 sony FW then back to a 3.52M33-4.... then to 3.71M33-4.

I also used it to fix a bricked PSP which it did with no problems at all.

Thanks datel......
January 04, 2008

anum said:

  What is your problem?
Datel is a simple Pandora's Battery and not one of those rip-offs you get on ebay which include a magic memory stick you could easily make yourself.
Without stress and without custom firmware. Just google the files you fooles... smilies/kiss.gif
January 07, 2008

Going nuts said:

  thanks you guys for the help. I followed some tutorials before and didn't really read that there was a battery creator so what i did was to hard mode my battery and i blew the battery up. So by deperation i bought the Datel TOOL and when i first read this article i felt so mad that a made my other mistake during my modification of the psp. When i read the comments i found out that you could use the battery without HB so all i whant to say is, you saved my day smilies/smiley.gif
January 13, 2008

lfeqlbrm said:

  YES YOU CAN!!!!! I JUST DID. use the tool and Pandora's Box GUI to Downgrade and then update to 3.52 m33 i had a OFW of 3.80>1.50>3.52 M33
January 17, 2008


  Please note: The TOOL functionality is hard-coded to put the PSP into service mode. The standard version cannot be changed to have this functionality so please choose the version you require when ordering.

WTF?!?! they sell a converter to convert normal batteries into "tool" batteries!!!!
January 20, 2008

JJ888 said:


January 25, 2008

Waffle Slayer said:

  I bought this battery because my brother and I bought PSP slims about a month ago. I didn't want to risk not making a pandora battery correctly and having to buy a new one. On top of that, from what I read at the time, I couldn't reuse the official psp battery again unless to put the psp into service mode.

I spent $30 on this battery and it worked perfect alongside the magic memory stick I made on my computer.

Seemed like a hell of a bargain, in my opinion.
February 07, 2008

Evilution said:

  Great battery, As for the comment about "Not telling you how", JFGI, It saves you alot of time and headache trying to hardmod a psp battery, Espessially if the only place you can get a psp battery to mod is somewhere like walmart.
Normal sony PSP battery: 45$
Datel battery TOOL: 30$
Which is more bang for your buck when you just wanna mod smilies/wink.gif
February 12, 2008

Defrosted Tuna said:

  Well, for one, they cant make a Magic Mem Stick because its Illegal to distribute the firmware (as stated in the review) and if people even know what this IS, then its assumed they would know how to use it.
February 16, 2008

Refrosted Chiken said:

  Datel doesn't suck.This is a very cool idea cuz people like me dont have a mom that lets em open a battery nor a dad that is willing to help.Its a low price and 99.9% of places say it works (this is the only one that some say it doesnt work).And that thing bout the money and that datel should say "This aint ours and it is from N00BZ" they just cant cuz 1st of all they cant put you in their site just like in radio people say "I went to this store called - and the one in the station says to the person not to say store name and the money they just cant get ALL the adresses of people who made this and just send em money...this is just my opinion.P.S Dont go to it costs 56 with shiping and handeling go to or (I will order it on consoleshop cuz codejunkies doesnt ship to my place)
February 24, 2008

Read the F***ing manual! said:

  Whoa, on datels defense it never actually says you can downgrade your psp for legal reasons so you noobs just need to use their initiative lol noobs shouldnt even be allowed to live lol
March 09, 2008

Ac said:

  Well Dtel are bein dumb by not giving us the software as well but, If u fink about it then Sony can procecute them for telling ppl how to hack they psp.I just bout a datle Tool Battery and made my own Makic memory stick pluged it all in and now im running 3.90 M33-2 with 1.50 Kernel addon Version 2.
March 13, 2008

jiqqa said:

  Datel TOOL battery FTW!!!!!!
March 13, 2008

Darrell said:

  I say you all need to quit whining. They released the knowledge to do this as freeware. So if someone else comes along and enterprises on it BIG DEAL. I live in the sticks and had to drive 3 hours away to get my psp modded, and paid 20$. So gas and time wise, had i have bought a battery, i would have saved money. Now i have a DATEL BATTERY SERVICE TOOL, and i can convert my batteries back and fourth. NO PROBLEMS. You can buy one for 20$, and it works on all PSP batteries. So you can switch your friends batteries too.
March 19, 2008

Czplaya said:

  I gotta question, when making a magic memorystick, is a 4gb stick ok? and also once u have the files can u still use it as a regular memory stick, (i.e. save games onto it like a normal mem stick)or will i have to buy another 4gb stick to use it as a regular memory stick?

im new thx!
March 24, 2008

Seraphiris said:

  I think the persons which buy these battery also knows how to use it and I hope it comes a downgroodar for 3.90 out because i need it
March 27, 2008

Nekobaby said:

  Stop griping people. The battery is meant to help not be the answer to all. I mean, I am absolute crap at the hard mod (killed 2 batteries already) and I have absolutely no access to a psp with homebrew on it. I ordered my battery, got it in 3 days, spent 10 min to find this link, which gives me the perfect way to downgrade from 3.80 ofw and had my PSP on 3.9 cfw within 2 hours (only cause I needed the Datel to charge for about 1 hour). Stop being lazy asses and do the friggin' research!!!
March 31, 2008

shinmai said:

  Old post, but just wanted to give my two cents.
I recently purchased a TOOL battery, as I couldn't get a hold of a psp with CFW quickly enough, and wanted to downgrade my new slim ASAP.

I didn't have any problems "getting started with pandora", even though I didn't have a homebrew PSP at hand. Some 15 minutes after I'd recieved my battery my PSP was running 3.90m33. Don't really know what this post is about. Maybe the situation has changed in the last few months, IDK.

I think the TOOL batteries are a decent product for people who don't have access to a cfw psp to make pandoras batteries, even if they're a little pricey.
April 05, 2008

poopidoop2 said:

  well, at least with the easy magic memory card maker and this battery, it is now possible to universally downgrade psps. so, whats so dumb about datel now? they went as close to a commercial downgrader as legally possible
April 12, 2008

Sendaii said:

  I have used this battery, and it works very well. Although Datel doesn't state that you also need a magic memory stick, this atleast saves you from hard-modding your battery which can ruin it if you are not careful. And it isn't exactly hard to make a magic memory stick, I don't have a homebrew-enabeled PSP fat, but I managed to find the neccicary files online without too much hassle.
April 14, 2008

Wouter-Net said:

  The TOOL is the best. I even use it with a special prog so i dont need a xtra batt. I used it without any hassle
April 17, 2008

LimeBurst said:

  Then just don't buy it!

If people don't know what they're doing, I think it's their fault to buy this product.
April 18, 2008

spirulina said:

  This guide is for you that you have the datel tool battery and you don't know how to use it but i am not responsible if your psp BRICKED. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!.First of all you need to have a memory stick PRO DUO and it must be at least 256mb. If you haven't one you can't proceed so you can buy one.Second you will need Catb50's magic memory stick maker, you will find this program here copy that and paste it to you web bar once you have done it you will download the second mirror that says Version 2.0 LITE (24MB).This is program makes your memory stick PRO DUO to Catb50's magic memory stick.This program can be used only if you have WINDOWS XP at your computer if you haven't WINDOWS XP don't do that at WINDOWS VISTA because you can damage your computer .Once downloaded you have to unzip it,open the folder and start the program that says BEGIN and follow the instructions.When the program asks if you want your memory stick to be formated write the letter y and hit enter.
April 19, 2008

spirulina said:

  This is the second part on how to use datel tool battery but i am not responsible if your psp BRICKED. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!.once you write the letter y and hit enter, follow the instructions and that's it.You can now take out your original psp battery and put back psp datel tool battery.Now your psp is on it's service mode operation and waiting four your move!!!!!Press x if you want to install custom firmware 3.80m33-5 that's it don't be afraid of the letters that are coming up and down .Once you have done this congratulations because you have installed custom firmware!!!!!If you want to ask me for more information just write a comment with your question.
April 19, 2008

Mystery said:

  You don't have to have Custom Firmware to use the downgrading or unbricking on your PSP using 'Datel Tool Battery'. You only need Custom Firmware to make a panoras battery by yourself, using two PSPs. Also to put the software on to your memory stick is easy peasy smilies/cheesy.gif. Add me for more help! This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
April 22, 2008

im not a noob said:

  if you say that datel sucks that means ur a real noob (how dumb can u get)the datel battery absoulutly works its only that they dont supply you with a magic memory stick(a memory stick that has the pandora files init)if you ve got the datel tool battery all you need is a magic memory stick wich is very simple to make. just search on youtube how to make a magic mermory stick or how to create a pandoras memory stick hopefully you will see on of ma vids.
April 27, 2008

big boy said:

  i live in Saudi Arabia and want to know where i can get a datel tool battery i can get to Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates i just want a address or and a number i can call my e-mail is This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it smilies/kiss.gif
May 15, 2008

Bth8 said:

  why is it illegal to give the files 4 a homebrew free magic memory stick?
May 19, 2008

magico said:

  the best price
May 21, 2008

Pmd said:

  Fortunably, not true. See to do yourself the pandora memoy stick. It shows hot to install CFW in any PSP.
May 31, 2008

riley said:

  cant u make a pandora mem stick or magic memory stick after u get the battery smilies/undecided.gif and some ppl use the datel tool battery to get cfw and then after that theres a program for custom firmwares that lets u RISK FREE make a pandora battery and memory stick on your old battery im preety sure im not trying to prove u wrong and tthe noobz team was always a big help 4 me so thx but just in case i wanted to say this
June 25, 2008

sidewinder said:

  i had the datel tool yesterday and after a few hrs searching the universe i found a complete memory stick batch installer which put on cfw 3.8 m33 cool and now up to 4.01 m33 2 it does work but credit to the brains of this remarkable concept...
July 09, 2008

gary t said:

  you do not need a homebrew psp to use this battery. I bought a psp brand new has firmware 3.51 made a magic stick with programs i downloaded online then used battery to put psp into sevice mode. this battery a real bargin
July 09, 2008

locoputo1234(at)hotmail(dot)com said:

  I just wanted to mention:
Less than a month ago:
I used a psp to convert my psp battery to a pandora and my mem-stik to a magic memory stick.
and i used these to downgrade. then i converted the pandora battery to a normal again. thats fine. everything worked.
a few days after that, so i would have a pandora battery without converting my own, i bought one of these TOOL BATTERIES. and YES. THEY DO WORK AS THEYRE MENT TO! I inserted my magic memory stick and then the battery, and the system loaded like it did with my "homemade" pandora.
My point is:>>>>> Yes, they don't seem to be in a rush in telling people they need more than the battery, BUT, these batteries do exactly what they're supposed to, and they can prove extremely useful especially since sony are hard-coding the new batteries to be pandora-proof.

The reason im posting this is because it seemed a little unfair with the comments some people have stated. INCLUDING the noobz team (nothing against you) :
Incidentally, it also seems that the quality control is pretty poor - we've heard tales of at least 1 TOOL battery that just didn't work, apparently because it had the wrong serial number.

One battery didnt work. Everyone makes mistakes, i mean sony didnt make the psps hackproof did they? smilies/wink.gif
Thats all i have to say, happy hacking ^^

July 10, 2008

pazboy said:

  For those people who are doing nothing but whining this is a scam blah blah blah its not here are 2 parts of a youtube video that helps with where to get the files how to install them and how to use it mine works just fine.

part 1
part 2
July 12, 2008

jesze94 said:

  hi, its true that datel gave a battery whit no instructions,
but with out it i didnt downgrade my psp
i think its grate that they sell it butt...
its too expensive and no manual.
July 18, 2008

Jin said:

  I actually bought the battery, and it helped put both of my psp into custom firmware mode, so i'm happy with it... although i did get the magic memory stick in a forum... that worked fine too... so no complaints here. smilies/smiley.gif
July 21, 2008

Kira said:

  Listen look up total newbi easy installer ( it makes magic memory stik).Then ether by or make a pandora battery (tool) then follo sum instructions on youtube . with correct datta you can downdate to custom firmware. or homebrew apps . there u go.
July 31, 2008

Randompspuser said:

  Only thing i have go to say about this battery is that it wasnt worth 60$ but it definitly does what you want it to im so happy i got this 60$ or not
August 04, 2008

Stavros said:

  Listen...guys. I think you got it wrong. TOOL battery was made for the exact reason NO NEED for custom firmware PSP. Preperation of the memory stick can be done from a computer while the PSP is in usb mode. Then what you do is put the battery in, install custom firmware and its all right.
August 06, 2008

ragcage ??D said:

  i bought 1, i tried it out, several times(with a magic pro duo), but i couldn't do it. and unfortunately, it died ...
i dont know how it happend though. (im not saying its a bad TOOL, im just saying, it didn't work with me
i found a site on the internet with a lot of kind people in holland(my homeland)
and 1 guy said, i could come over and he downgraded my psp for free and now i can do a lot of things with it smilies/smiley.gif
November 12, 2008

Rmm said:

  hi could anyone tell me what files you need for the pandora battery so it works because i have bought one and i turn it on and the screen goes black and the green light stays on my emails This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and i have version 5.02
December 27, 2008 said:

  To Rmm

That is what the PSP Pandora Battery Supposed to do, especially the one you bought, But now you need the Memory Card Magicstick, Which is a memory card with custom firmware files needed to work with the Pandora Battery to downgrade and then upgrade to custom firmware .
January 22, 2009

I own this item. said:

  And it does work, i've got a psp slim version. You people claiming that it does not work are f**king retarded, and probably don't have the slightest clue as to what the f**k your dumb ass is even doing.
February 19, 2009

joe sdfaeaefsdf said:

  why doesnt' someone just make an image of a memory stick so other people can just download it and put it on theirs?
February 26, 2009

andyyy said:

  they cud seriously just sell it with a mms ??.?? lazy company XD
April 17, 2009

mama said:

  alright i just wanna know does it work or not for psp 2000 i just bought mine and pandora and magic memorystick didnt work so anyone who tried it and are honest reply to this if it works or not
May 20, 2009

gaza mi seh! said:

  i have a flash psp but a normal battery. the battery would not charge. it only says charge level 0% power source- external, battery status- charge complete. please help me!
May 25, 2009

deathshells said:

  WOW! i mean WOW! i have now put cfw on 4 psp's (freinds at school) with this exact battery. i bought the battery from amazon of all places and it cost me ??15. personally i think it is brilliant as there is no need for a cfw psp to begin with. i just use the totalnewbieinstaller for the magic memstick and then after 3.71 is installed i just update it using the m33 installer from the website. i know datel are a**holes for copying the idea but youve got to say that it really does save time and effort of making (and possibly screwing up) a new battery. this is my personal opinion on the matter and i know that others may think differently.
June 05, 2009

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