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Has Lumines been patched?
Written by Fanjita    Saturday, 07 July 2007

ImageA user called 'tr.' has posted in our comments section that the very latest Japanese 'Greatest Hits' versions of Lumines have been patched to require the v3.51 firmware.

Can anyone verify this news, either for Japanese version, or indeed new copies in other regions?

In the meantime, people buying new copies of Lumines should obviously be careful.

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HelloMister said:

  I just bought a used copy of lumines puzzle fusion...but its greatest hits. I wonder if i can still do the downgrade. Help anyone?
July 07, 2007

tr. said:

  Me again.
Person who claims to have received a new Lumines from an web shop this morning (JST) just uploaded a screenshot minutes ago.

Here's the URL:

It could be happening in US & EU as well.
July 08, 2007

GhostSonic said:

  That really sucks tr. Luckily I already got mine from ebay days ago, it's just taking really long for the friggin payment to go through smilies/undecided.gif

By the way, I keep getting this error saying "please enter your name" when I'm trying to post a comment, any reason why?
July 08, 2007

kami said:

  The Japanese version is already patched.
July 08, 2007

jeffersonE said:

  we did not understand the pic uploaded
July 08, 2007

coolrain said:

  to tr. said:
you can upload the package photo?
July 08, 2007

Cadabena said:

  I knew it would happen. I just never expected it to be this quick. Wasn't it like 6 months or more after the GTA exploit that they patched that? Looks like Sony are trying their hardest to clamp down on us homebrewers.
July 08, 2007

desesperado said:

  I recently bought Lumines Platinum from an BIG UK webstore was previously awaiting stock and I was really affraid if would be a patched copy but it wasn't, I can confirm it comes with PSP Update 1.50 and the code of the game is ULES 00043/P. Now to all of you out there carefull as Sony is always trying to sack us! And by the way GREAT TEAM NOOBZ when will it be out or if you could advance some hints when it will be ready the patch for PSP's Mobo TA-082 to be able to get official updates above 3.30 !Thanks in advance TEAM NOOBZ U R THE BEST (without forgetting DA) \ ( * * ) /
July 08, 2007

lf280 said:

  I purchased a copy of lumines (new) from www.woolworths.co.uk and it had psp fw 1.50 on it!!

It sucessfully downgraded my psp (i am now running 3.40 OE-A)
July 08, 2007

RLO said:

  HelloMister just run the "hello world" exploit to verify the game is good to use...smilies/wink.gif Chances are that it is..
July 08, 2007

dontmove said:

  yeah i couldnt wait to see our Heroes 'Noobz' to release the software for TA-082 motherboard for update back to sony firmware smilies/smiley.gif
July 08, 2007

sho said:

  Brief translation of

The version of your PSP is 3.50.
You must update to 3.51 to launch the game.
Do you want to start updating?

Could anyone tell me if
the ORIGINAL versions of Lumines are still manufactured and sold in the US/EU?
Or if only the greatest hits versions are.
July 08, 2007

Veskgar said:

  That does seem very fast. SONY must really be getting annoyed to be patching games within days/weeks. PSP homebrew is here to stay.
July 08, 2007

riley said:

  i got lucky and found one on sale at toys r us for 12 bucks woot woot lady said it was the first one they ever sold lol....
July 08, 2007

united_homebrew said:

  I urged every homebrew Hackers to work together as a team to keep up the homebrew scene alive and kickin even without D_A, We lost one out many stars!!! This battle is for D_A who inspired us all of his genius contributions to the home brew scene! thanks to u Dark_Alex...the battle is ongoing...
July 08, 2007

Ketchup said:

  I can confirmed that Jap GH Lumines is already Patched (ask for 3.51 firware). IS it patch, or does it only require 3.51, dunno yet.
July 08, 2007

Sylar said:

  True or not, the fact is that here in UK the game is being withdrawn from videogame shops, so probably they are in the way of getting patched...
July 08, 2007

roybmx said:

  we did not understand the pic uploaded :

it's an upload site and it says "your id is not correct"
July 08, 2007

mr Sonic Boom said:

  friend at sony say's yes it is. (i am only passing on what he says)
July 08, 2007

yaguchimari said:

it's true;
i bougut a copy of lumines best in japan
it arrived yesterday and requires 3.51 to run the game
i'm afraid that games coming next will all add 3.51 check for it seems not too difficult for sony to do it
July 09, 2007

GhostSonic said:

  http://0okm.blogspot.com/2007/07/rumor-about-new-uljs19005.html it seems to be true guys, try to avoid this version at all cost smilies/wink.gif
July 09, 2007

Thavion Hawk said:

  I finally tracked a original copy at a Rite Aid for $10. I was quite p**sed with the eBay price hikes going around. Also, the team in charge of Sony's PSP security is faster and faster with each exploit Noobz Exploit announced June 25, Sony's 3.51 update/patch release June 29. smilies/undecided.gif Thats just ludacris.
July 09, 2007

tr. said:

  The site may be already expired.
But JPN users are now getting the patched Lumines for sure.
July 09, 2007

Veskgar said:

  Is the unpatched Lumines for PSP seriously being withdrawn from store shelves? If anyone from North America knows of such a situation, please post about it.
July 09, 2007

GN said:

  Do i have to purchase Lumines to be able to downgrade my psp
July 09, 2007

Yue said:

  Whoa! At the moment I read this I was worried because I could get a Japanese Lumines for the normal price, brand new. I ran home just to test it and... safe!!!

Anyway, nice move by Sony. The response was fast, that's true. It's a shame we don't have OE anymore smilies/sad.gif
July 09, 2007

dark_thug said:

  same here in bahrain, patched already day b4 yesterday Lumines was there in sony store then yesterday they wer gone and now new once came with new package desgn
July 09, 2007

STHLM53 said:

  What is the situation in Europe in this matter?
July 09, 2007

holo said:

  Hello everyone
Do you know what Lumines games should not be bought? Which version SN or ULES# should not be used?
It might be more helpful if you can post you UMD version ULES so will know what UMD to get or not
July 09, 2007

Sylar said:

  Can anyone post a picture of the new patched game, and also give details of the umd code identifier (number on the spine). That will help a lot to the users buying it from the shop shelves.
(I??m safe though, since I bought 2 weeks ago the original unpatched copy although I was already on 3.40 OE-A... in case any of my friends want to downgrade ;-))
July 09, 2007

ghepz said:

  i bought a brand new lumines "greatest hits",US version..is it posible to use it for downgrading?

so sad,dark_alex gone... smilies/sad.gif
July 09, 2007

YPM said:

  dark_thug, can you post some pics of the new package design, so that ppl can see if they are buying the patched one or not?
July 09, 2007

.::BoogerPicker::. said:

Lumines wird gepatcht - alle Spiele werden eingesammelt durch Sony (auch in Deutschland)!

Lumines will be patched - all games are withdrawn by Sony (even in Germany)!


July 09, 2007

Ewiz07 said:

  You can find a lot of unpatched games at Gamecrazy including Lumines, and GTA LCS. Bought GTA 07-08-07 not patched. Lumines hasent been patched in U.S. yet
July 10, 2007

Ediie said:

  There's some hot talk in Japanese PSP community as to how we can recognize the patched version of Lumines.

So far, it seems that the marking on tha back side of the UMD is the only clue to the patched version.(which means it is difficult at the shop to check)

FYI Japanese version of patched seems to have "ULJS-19005 A0 1" marking on the
back which most likely is different in other region.
July 10, 2007

nanashisan said:

  i understood tht there r patched jap lumines coming in but has the US lumines patched?
July 10, 2007

Takashi said:

  man sony really picked up on this fast, I should have picked up the game here in Japan sooner. Now I will have to find a non-patched version on ebay for many $$$
July 10, 2007

dark_thug said:

  ok as soon i i get back to the sony shop here ill take a pic
July 10, 2007

The Prime Minister of Sweden said:

  Why is dak-alex's site down, where am I supposed to get the custom firmware?
July 10, 2007

Haedadru said:

  Well, i buy all my games from a store which gets its suplies from sweden, When i ordered Lumines i recieved an e-mail, Sorry This Product Has Been Withdrawn By The Distributor. F-ing sony executives! Well so long downgrading, in lithuania every store says the same as i said earlier (My English sucks) smilies/angry.gif
July 10, 2007

ghepz said:

  wow,big thanks..
lumines puzzle fusion "greatest hits" US version works! I've tried it with psp korean made and a psp japan made..when it finished downgrading a huge OK will flash to the screen.. smilies/cheesy.gif
NOOBZ rocks the world of homebrew!!!!!!!
hope Dark Alex changes his mind and create another OE version.. smilies/wink.gif
July 10, 2007

ghepz said:

  thanks for the info Ewiz07...
BIG thanks to NOOBZ...

July 10, 2007

Gle0 said:

  Any1 know is UK??s platinium editon patched?
July 10, 2007

hanzz said:

  very much available in Toys R Us. tested still having 1.50!!!
July 10, 2007

lilthug said:

  i forsee prices of unpatched lumines skyrocketting

smilies/grin.gif looks at unpatched lumines sitting under his psp
July 11, 2007

psp noob said:

  please... make a 3.51 downgrader
July 11, 2007

kai116 said:

  is there a unpatched JP lumine? cuz i live in japan.
And if there is can anyone tell me any visible differece
July 11, 2007

shist said:

  hey i'm from Bahrain i got one from Geant stores 2weeks ago .. wasn't patched i suppose they got new st0ck coz it was the last actually .. i think its patched .. coz it has different cover.. than the one i bought which i used to d/grade friend's PSP smilies/wink.gif
July 11, 2007

Some person =D said:

  I tried to buy Lumines in Canada at EB on roughly July 3, couldn't find it on the shelves, they say they don't have any stock, sold out smilies/angry.gif. For The Prime Minister of Sweden, you can get custom firmwares at download.qj.net
July 12, 2007

xXxCOLLINxXx said:

  help me i live in japan in i got a lumines (the best) and its patched
plz plz plz some 1 help meeeeeee
or could i borrow some1z umd at like yokohama station or sumit smilies/grin.gif
July 12, 2007

Sthlm53 said:

  Any1 know if anyone is working on OE Fws now that Dark_AleX has stoped creating 'em?
July 12, 2007

nap said:

  smilies/angry.gif dam that sux but mabey if you try to swap umds with another game like wat they did with vice city stories mabey itll work im a noob smilies/sad.gif idk
July 12, 2007

ghepz said:

  is there a unpatched JP lumine? cuz i live in japan.
And if there is can anyone tell me any visible differece

just make sure it is not "greatest hits" lumines japan version...
greatest hits lumines in japan is already patched and needs to upgrade it to 3.51 fw... smilies/sad.gif
July 12, 2007

Livingleg3nd said:

  Thanks for the downgrader but... now im waiting for the 3.11 fix. hope to see it soon. Im REALLY stuck.
July 12, 2007

make said:

  I do not think sony wins anything with this attitude. There is a difference between Lumines and GTA. You need Lumines for just one time, I borrowed it. 340OE-A. Thanks2Noobz
July 13, 2007

fromTokyo said:

  Hey I also live in Japan. For the last week I've been twice to akiabara. No site of the game. Well today I found a very small kind of store lol in akiba where they have the game (the best). But I asked the lady in the store and she told me that she had received it in the end of last month... 1 1=2 what's the prob of it being patched... 99%?
But it was only 2700 yen. So the ones brave enough to see if it's patched or not please do and then let me know. Small store under the train line, just go out the station walk straight to the duty free computer shop. It's on the left under the bridge (it's more kinda of a stand than a store.)
I also asked some japanese people but none seemed to know about lumines :p

So can any one rent me the game for 30 sec please? Apparently I'm not the only one in need pleeeeeeeeeease.
July 13, 2007

nap said:

  smilies/angry.gif sux but there is brobly a way around it has any one tried a umd disk swap?
July 13, 2007

Big Pr3 said:

  new exploit in game rainbow six vegas, downgrades 3.51 to 1.5 check out on (youtube).
no f**king joke very good and its using sony's patches! LOL smilies/grin.gif
July 13, 2007

F yes!!!!!! said:

  i Just bought mine and it was 19.99 Canadian which was awesome and it had all original packaging but when i tried it, it work and i was soooooooooo happy thank you noobz team
July 13, 2007

sangkuhl said:

  ive downloaded it now where do i put it on my psp and will it work with gta unpathced please help i also need mony to buy either lumines or gta unpatched
thanks if u can give me money u rok but if u cant oh well thanks ayway
contact me to lern where to send money!!!
July 14, 2007

ghepz said:

  there will be no more Dark_Alex for me...
But there is an homebrew developer named Becus25,an IE custom FW creator...
is this developer will be the next Dark_Alex?
will IE custom firmware replaced the OE of DAX?
pls give attention to this cuz' the world of homebrew parallized without custom firmware...DO YOU GUYZ AGREE TO THIS?
July 14, 2007

also from Tokyo said:

  For people who are in Tokyo.
Let's meet up in Akiba and do something about this downgrading situation. I've been to many places to buy the game and couldn't find it. I'd even be willing to buy that 2700 yen version that "from Tokyo" found.
email me at flexmaster12 @ yahoo.com
July 14, 2007

USApsp said:

  usa newones had been patch i bought a new one riped it and put it on my custom firmware and used a firmware faker or changer on my psp and ran fine i tryed to you the downgradedr to see if it will boot into it and it frozen so eather it is pacth really well or it dosent work on iso games
July 14, 2007

Jo??o Francisco said:

  Noobz downgrades are great... but the prblem is that the newer downgrades need rare umds to make the HEN
I think the Noobz Team could try to develop a downgrade that is cappable to do the HEN exploit with official demos like for example Rodge Racer2.
Help Me to spread the idea!!!!!!!!!!! smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/cry.gif
July 14, 2007

Would'nt Work said:

  That idea would NOT work, as the Game Demo checks the MD5, the Checksum, and the Cuncerent Code Stream (CCS) before loads it to RAM.
July 14, 2007

fromTokyo said:

  I already bought one from ebay for 5000 yen.
but after I try it I can do some sort of agreement smilies/smiley.gif
July 15, 2007

fromTokyo said:

  Actually I was wondering about the legal issues surrounding firmware downgrade.
The firmware downgrade itself is not illegal right?
So if you don't run ISO images of games that you don't own then you're 100% "legal" right?

[MOD EDIT: I'm no lawyer, but the way I see it, you're just installing a firmware that was previously released to run on your PSP. I don't see how that could be illegal]
July 15, 2007

Thavion Hawk said:

  "Noobz downgrades are great... but the prblem is that the newer downgrades need rare umds to make the HEN"

You can't really mean that, The Noobz team tried to fined a exploit (and succeeded in doing so) with a game that is cheap and common place; however Sony acted faster then any of us have ever known them too, and every other Dick on eBay with a used or new copy have begun ripping people off as the game's stock MSRP is set at $20 US.
It's not Noobz fault that any of this happened, its Every one that takes advantage of the needs of the unlucky of us that wish to downgrade yet never found a copy of the game.
July 15, 2007

syouhei said:

  I'm Japanese.

Mr.Noobz. We are felt sad....smilies/undecided.gif

please a 3.51 Downgrader and 3.51HEN!! or swap..

mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
July 15, 2007

Wahoo! said:

  Wahoo!!! EU is fine...bought one new and it was unpatched! I'm doing everything I used to be able to do!
July 15, 2007

bluevire said:

  Thanx for releasing the DownGrader.

I confirmed the thing that HelloWorld starts though I obtained Lmines of the correction version by Lmines of an initial type and the swapped thing.

UMD_No[ULJS-19005 A0 1]

The swap with other software has not succeeded yet.
July 15, 2007

fromTokyo said:

  I was asking about the legal issues because I don't mind lending the game for other people to do the downgrade (free of charge) as I would like someone to do for me.
I just don't want to commit any illegal act...
I mean they only need the game for 30 sec.
What's the problem right. Specially since I wont charge for it.
July 15, 2007

Ken ( From Hong Kong ) said:

  Dear Mr.Noobz and all guys,

I have checked.
Someone said that the very latest Japanese 'The Best' version (Greatest Hint in US)of Lumines cannot downgrade.
In fact, I have brought one Japanese 'The Best' version last week.
I found that it is different from someone said before as my Lumines (Japanese The Best Version) works.

The main point is that your Japanese The Best Version have to be old enough.
i.e.: the first edition of Japanese The Best Version.

To distinguish the first edition of Japanese The Best Version,
you have to check the UMD data side.
If you can see 'ULJS-00005-2 A0 6' , then it works.

Otherwise, it cannot work.
For example, if you see 'ULJS-19005 A0 1',
then it can be a rubbish UMD... smilies/angry.gif

See it can explain to you all or not.

Best regards,
from HK
July 15, 2007

Matt2123 said:

  I have looked in every store that has games in my city and I was unable to find Lumines (the first)...
July 15, 2007

Akoji said:

  I Got a new copy today in Akihabara, - ITS PATCHED. Will try to photo later. Sorry for those who needed the unpatch! BEWARE OF NEW COPIES IN TOKYO!
July 16, 2007

Did you see this said:

  On Saturday on 14 July 200"g. into 12.33 Moscow time, the group of Russian skillful individuals, union M33, let out the so long-awaited alternative piercing - 3.51 m33.
This piercing and remaining kastomnye piercings, proposes to us the complete set of the possibilities of official piercing, and also has a number of advantages, such as the starting of the programs of strange producers, means of games directly from the menu and much other. Innovations on the comparison with 3.40 Oe- A in this version a little, but most important forced to rejoice all: nucleus 3.51 will make it possible to start the games, which require precisely this version of piercing, what is undoubtedly main happiness for entire PSP- association.

This piercing as remaining alternative versions, it is possible to place on piercing of 1,50 or previous from series SE/OE, i.e.,:
July 16, 2007

dinho said:

July 16, 2007

guy said:

  try going to a trade in shop/second hand, they might have 1
July 16, 2007

havardo said:

  dam - i've bought lumines platnium from amazon.co.uk but their out of stock so it will come in august. i'll let you know if its patched (really hope not!) when i get it.
July 16, 2007

n3o said:

  hey is ULES-00043 UMD copy of Lumines patched? If so someone email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . thanks, a lot. I found a copy of one that my friend is letting me borrow smilies/smiley.gif. If this isn't patched I will be willing to arrange some way of letting any one here use it as well. Oh, I am from the United States and so is my friend... he bought that copy of Lumines from a UK site a while back. So can anyone please email me before I use this copy of Lumines so I don't brick my PSP. smilies/smiley.gif thanks

[MOD EDIT: If it's a patched version, you won't brick. It just won't work. So just go ahead and try it.]
July 16, 2007

dma52691 said:

  I've got a question... I have the game "lumines" not "lumines puzzle fusion"
will this work
July 17, 2007

Ollu noob said:

  Yo NOObz,
can yo tell are yo going to make a 3.51 downgrader ?
because its really s**t whit the 3.51fw
i got the psp like 3 weeks ago
and i thought tht wow a 3.51(then i didnt realise tht that was a stupid thing to do)
i hope yo reply to my comment
thx for reading this !!!
July 17, 2007

SyS said:

  Hello, i'm a n00b for this website. This Lumines Patched is not arriving in UE? Ahahahaha! Sony is a ridicol!
July 17, 2007

Ediie said:

  >Ollu noob
Sorry ti tell you this. But there won't be downgrader for firmware later then 3.51 for quite a while.

There was a "security hole", that's usually called "exploit", for firmware up to 3.50. Since firmware 3.51 is the firmware relased to patch up that very exploit, someone has to find a brand new security hole that is not found yet and works for firmware 3.51 or later.

So, it was quite a mistake that you made by "upgrading" to 3.51.
I don't know what to say.
You'll wither has to buy new PSP or just hope someone finds the new exploit.
July 17, 2007

TMJN said:

  Ummm....it's unnoficial at the moment, but I can semi-confirm that Lumines is being taken off EBGames store shelves.....probably to be replaced with the patched version.

What I mean is that fro all the ones I've been to, they tell me tha they don't have anymore, or that it's gone for good from their stores.
July 18, 2007

stayinjapan said:

  Sure, I am at Japan now.I had bought a Lumines the week before, and it made my PSP to V3.51. What should I do??? Just waiting, waiting for the downgrade for 3.51. Is there any method to downgrade my PSP as its version is 3.51?
July 18, 2007

hey said:

  hey i my psp is 3.10 version and it wont allow me to upgrade to 3.50 anyone have any clue y dis is and i got lumines to plz respond asap
July 18, 2007

djinc said:

  TMJN is right i went to ebgames because thats where i bought it and they even took all the ones from the Preplayed section down

unless there was none there but they usually have all the games
July 18, 2007

SyS said:

  hey ,for downgrade version 3.50 to 1.50 go to the readme.txt in downgrader pack (download to this web site). Please, return to the principal argoment.
July 18, 2007

ollu noob said:

yo man thx for the info.
i will now hope tht somone finds a exploit!

dude thx!
July 20, 2007

i dont no said:

  i have a lumines but it is greatst hits but it dont have any virshon on it wen i put it on my psp onle the game comes no v1.5 or v3.51 what dos the meen upss 000551
July 20, 2007

SomeGuy said:

  Just to let you know. EBGames Canada won't be getting any unpatched Lumines in. I'm not sure if they'll be doing trades for the unpatched version; when I hear of someone trading one in (which prob won't happen) I'll let you know (and buy it smilies/wink.gif )
July 20, 2007

A people said:

  Oh dear clever guys!
Plz try to use google or try to READ the PSP'S manual for very very basic information. Sometimes you ask very stupid, and frustrating questions! I don't say I'm a pro, but first i try to get the information by myself, I mean idiot questions: How can I downgrade my 3.51? Is the a downgrader for 3.51 etc...
July 21, 2007

E said:

  please make a downgrader for 3.51 : [
July 23, 2007

Kazaryster said:

  who know s that the pick is even Lumines it could be just some retard trying to get a good laugh
July 25, 2007

the dark error said:

  can anyone tell me if there is much chance of bricking a PSP when downgrading? cuase im on 3.50 HEN right now.
July 26, 2007

Haisook said:

  Anyone from Dubai or UAE has bought an unpatched Lumines recently that worked? If so, please email drhhah AT gmail and tell me where you got it from... you'll be helping me out so much!
July 28, 2007

Evil aura said:

  anybody in singapore knows that if the lumines is patched or not?
July 31, 2007

wjcb2006 said:

  hello there, well 2morrow im gonna buy lumines, but after what i have read in forums, it looks its gonna be hard to find, but im gonna look everywhere walmart, ebgames, samschoice, wish me luck, cause i bought a psp, n it had firmware 3.40 n TA-82
August 01, 2007

Scotty1982 said:

  good luck finding it, i think it's been pulled from the shelves like it was in other countries. (though i haven't researched it, just guessing. but you're most likely not gonna find it anywhere other than ebay)

@Noobz team, it'd be awesome if the next major downgrader like this one is for a brand new game (a little after it comes out) so sony would have to pull all those from the shelves to be able to stop downgrading like this. just think of how much that would cost them! that would be something worth acomplishing just to have a bit of revenge against sony for doing that! i'd rather pay $50 or so for a spankin' new game and get it right away instead of having to order through ebay anyways. being able to use homebrew is worth the $$$.
August 04, 2007

super_cow said:

  im going to buy it tommorow ai found it at circut city for 14 dollers i was really surprised to find it
August 15, 2007

Hoser said:

  I picked up today in Akihabara (after a ton of searching) and it was patched. GOD DAMMIT!!
August 21, 2007

wildscience said:

  Yes, Lumines has been patched with the release of firmware version 3.51.
August 31, 2007

The Lazy-Gamer said:

  I don't think lumines is being patched is Australia. Proof: i wen't into a store and i saw GTA unpatched! that game is like a year old! im so lucky i live here. Hey if anyone want's , they can do a payment to me through paypal and i'll buy lumines for them. After i find out if their unpatched. Sony is so stupiud
September 01, 2007

poopyhead said:

  if you read the DMCA laws in the USA it has a very wide scope and can actually include possibly making it ileagal to use lumines to downgrade. it comes down to interpretation and case law wich is not yet established in this pericular area. basically if sony hates you they will spend enough money to drag you to court just to intimidate you and make you poor. mabey even land you in jail. but I doubt it. they only do that to slow down piracy and it looks like the psp has been whored out all over like a two dollar whore. can't stop us now.
September 23, 2007

Blu_W-J said:

  I live in the UK (kent) and I just ordered a new copy of lumines from chips (games store) and now im worried about the patching fiasco coz I cant find anywhere that confirms/deconfirms that it has been patched in the EU smilies/angry.gif
October 14, 2007

Blu_W-J said:

  YAAAAAY England is O.K just went to Comet in Ashford and bougt lumines for ??4.99 and now i'm running 3.52 M33-4
October 14, 2007

Kh3nz said:

  Borrow Lumines plese juzt to downgrade my psp.... huhuh plese...... plese if u want to help juz email me... " This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it "
January 04, 2008

Veskgar said:

  Just another thank you to Team Noobz. Fanjita and team are making remarkable strides in PSP homebrew. The PSP and PSP Slim are even more impressive due to the breakthroughs from www.noobz.eu - Keep up the great work!

- Veskgar
January 09, 2008

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