Upgrader/Downgrader for v3.11 PSPs
Written by Fanjita    Sunday, 09 September 2007

Image At last!  We promised a solution to help people trapped on firmware v3.11 by Sony's dirty tricks, and here it is.

As you may know, if you have a TA-082/TA-086 motherboard , then if you downgraded your PSP to v1.50, its idstorage keys will have been patched during downgrading to avoid bricking.  The latest official Sony firmwares (3.30 onwards) detect this patch, and refuse to allow you to upgrade.  Without a hardware solution, this can leave you trapped on v3.11 firmware, with no way to upgrade, and no way to downgrade.

This release consists of HEN for v3.11,  plus a v3.11 downgrader, and an idstorage key fixer for v3.11.  This allows you the choice of either

  1. staying on v3.11 to run homebrew
  2. downgrading to v1.50 to run homebrew or install custom firmwares, or
  3. upgrading to official Sony firmwares v3.30 or beyond.

Note that you will require an unpatched Lumines to use this, in common with all other homebrew exploits for v3.10-v3.50 firmwares. 

Full instructions are in the README.TXT file, and you can also get support via the Noobz downgrader support forums .

 Download HEN and idstorage fix for 3.11
File Size:1,656.02 Kb

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KrzaQ said:

  Isn't it a pointless release now? Pandora's battery can do that, can't it?
September 09, 2007

dydo said:

  yay first =)
nice, now ppl stuck at 3.11 can downgrade
September 09, 2007

alamdawarrior said:

  great release, and KrzaQ, not everyone have a psp capable of running homebrew or money to buy a stupid kit from ebay, so it isn't pointless at all
(many of those people still have lumines) smilies/tongue.gif
September 10, 2007

andrew9 said:

  Thank you so, so much.
September 10, 2007

Anonymous said:

  I thought Fanjita left the scene. Why did he write this article?

The idstorage can't be fully restored with Pandora's battery, since there's no known way to restore it fully (it's said in the readme of the the Pandora's battery zip file), so it's probably better to use this key fixer instead smilies/wink.gif
September 10, 2007

dantheman said:

  what about 3.10 users?
September 10, 2007

fearevil19 said:

  its not useless if you're stuck at 3.11 and you don't have any PSP capable of runnig homebrew
THANKX!!!!!! smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/cheesy.gif
September 10, 2007

thought.. said:

  well maybe it cant or this wouldnt have been released.
or maybe it can, and it offers an alternative..
September 10, 2007

LeB said:

  You guys will always impress me smilies/undecided.gif

This mean ppl with TA-82 mb can downgrade and not be trapped?
September 10, 2007

Jonny P said:

  yeah, i was wondering about the Pandora's battery too on a TA-082. If one were to only downgrade using that without Lumines exploit, would that not patch the keys? Or would it correct the keys if Lumines was used first?
September 10, 2007

HSI said:

  I Love U so much smilies/grin.gif
September 10, 2007

Jr said:

  Damn KrzaQ Give some respect. I have the pandora but for the people that are stuck with 3.11 can downgrade back to 1.50 what if someone out there doesn't have a friend to make the pandora with out this there still stuck!!!!!!!! People need to give some respect around here Now I see why people are leaving us.... smilies/sad.gif
September 10, 2007

b3rx said:

  I dont think its a point-less release. Not all of us have access to a homebrew enabled PSP. Like those 329 downloaders of this downgrader.

cheers! smilies/grin.gif
September 10, 2007

::RMB:: said:


no, if you have a downgraded PSP with TA-082/TA-086 Board and updatet to the original 3.11 FW, you can't update to 3.30 or higher, then you can't downgrade to 1.5.
With this release it's possible.
September 10, 2007

Kyll said:

  Yes! I can play Brave Story and use remote play now! Thanks a ton Noobz and Dark Alex!
September 10, 2007

sxgo said:


Add the fixer into Pandora's Battery code is better!

I trust Noobz smilies/grin.gif
September 10, 2007

arman said:

  lumines again,oh no it make me sad smilies/cry.gif
September 10, 2007

yoyo rocks said:

  pandora cant fix sony patch crap
September 10, 2007

noobz_fan said:

  yea good release for people who haven't the possibilty to make a pandora battery smilies/smiley.gif
great team noobz! keep the good working!
September 10, 2007

lumines???? said:

  lumines again??? damn it, im selling my psp right now....
September 10, 2007

madman said:

  So what happens if you originally had a 3.11 FW and downgraded with the 3.50/Lumines way, how do you fix the problem if you want to upgrade later?
September 10, 2007

Dinho said:

  great ... very good ... working in downgrader for new psp slim ????

September 10, 2007

zx-81 said:

  keep up the good work !

September 10, 2007

noobz are the greatest said:

  I have a 3.40 oe-a psp should I fix the idstroage key thingys? (I downgraded with the 3.50 lumines downgrader)

Oh and Thanks noobz and a few other people, for everything.
September 10, 2007

psplover said:

  the keyfixer 1.3 work on every homebrew enbled firmewire and fix the keys so u can update to official 3.52 !
September 10, 2007

FergyC said:

  Anonymous: I thought Fanjita left the scene. Why did he write this article?

I'm assuminig he will finish what he started
September 10, 2007

coolman said:

  will Lumines2 work
September 11, 2007

harryshan said:

  thank you to all the noobz smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/grin.gif
Veryyryryryr Happpppppppy
Thnx again
May God Bless You
Take Care
hip-pi-hooooooray for Nooobz
September 11, 2007

tino said:

  excellent Job, Noobz Team.
Thanks for the downgrader. i got my 3.11 FW working with OE FW now, thanks. let's keep up
September 11, 2007

neutrOpik said:

  Another great release from Noobz!

Tank's to all for your support! Next release, a custom firmware? smilies/tongue.gif
September 11, 2007

umm,, said:

  so how about those of us that DONT have the lumines disc? why can't i just use this from 340 oe fw?

September 11, 2007

thanks said:

and thanks
September 11, 2007


  hwy will lumenis 2 work because that is the only thing I found at game crazy
September 12, 2007

joe1234 said:

  What happens if i upgrade via psp network internetfrom 2.71 original fmw to 3.11 original fmw can i use the pandora battery to downgrade my psp?
September 12, 2007

_WaKaRu_ said:

  This IDStorage fix will only work through 311 HEN, hence it will require of the Lumines game. Those in other homebrew-capable Firmwares can still use Chilly Willy's Keys Cleaner v1.3 or IDStorage Manager v1.3 (From 2.71 FW via HEN D).
Read this topic http://forums.noobz.eu/general-discussion/method-of-re-upgrade-to-3-30plus-fw-on-ta082plus-psp/0/
September 12, 2007

eTernalPulse said:

  No Lumines 2 will not work.

If you have the original GTA Liberty city stories, Might be better off upgrading to 3.03 Ofiicial FW, and using 3.03 downgrader. Other wise, Pandoras battery (if you have access to one) and 3.11 (needs original lumines, not patched lumines disc)/ 3.50 downgrader (needs original lumines, not patched lumines disc) are your options.

September 12, 2007

churoQ said:

  It is opposite toward the remark of KrzaQ.

I am PSP and Lumine in 3.11 or more that cannot do UPDATE.
It has it, and it doesn't have and a surrounding person doesn't have 1.
50 PSP in either.

Thank you for making such downgrader.
September 12, 2007

ur_lefrog said:

September 13, 2007

coca_koehler said:

  For those inquiries about why you cant use this on custom firmware: There is no need for it. If you have a downgraded TA-082/86, your key 5 was patched to avoid bricking. The only reason you'd want to remove the patch would be upgrade to OFFICIAL firmware 3.30 (for whatever reason you'd ever want to). The means by which to do that, as WaKaRu stated above would be the homebrew apps KeyCleaner or IDStorage Manager.

The reason Noobz released this HEN keypatcher is for previously downgraded TA-082/86s that were reupgraded to OFFICIAL 3.10 or 3.11 and left without a means to redowngrade. With a patched key 5, official firmware is unable to upgrade past 3.11. Hence people in this condition would be unable downgrade back to 1.50 and also unable to upgrade to 3.50 for the Lumines downgrader.

Fanjita said he was going to release this tool when the illuminati exploit had been released. Although he did retire after the release of Pandora, he finished this 3.11 HEN/downgrader to fulfill his original promise.
September 13, 2007

antony said:

  Good news, just need Lumines smilies/undecided.gif .

I believe there was a website that showed how to tell a patched from an unpatched Lumines just by the code on the side of the case. Anyone know the site?
September 14, 2007

aya said:

  It is Monomou ..becoming empty.. . in KrzaQ.

Do not say pointless release.

It is welcome for the person who cannot change by 3.10 and 3.11.
It doesn't have 1.50PSP, and I think it is terrible and welcome in the person with Lumines nobody has in surroundings.
Or, it can be cheap that obtaining 1.50PSP obtains Lumines, and play with Lumines after use.
It cannot be because it thinks it is mistaking the means for the end to buy 1.50PSP for DG.
If 1.50PSP is bought, 3.11PSP is place good sold in the place.

Now whyDo not say very much.

Because I am Japanese, ..English.. I'm sorry ..unskilled...

September 14, 2007

Yrkoon said:

  sweet job again noobz smilies/smiley.gif
September 15, 2007


September 15, 2007

pgb said:

I've patched my TA-82 to FW V1.50. But somehow (my kid) had made something so my FW version is now 3.11. How can I downgrade it again to 1.50?
September 18, 2007

digo-sp said:

  OK!! this going to sond realy bad, but i have no ideal what im doing.

i want to downgrade my psp im scared it will have some problems.

what i really want to know what do i need to downgrade my psp. and hw can i get it.
September 22, 2007

help !!!! big problem....!!!! said:

  hello i have done all the things you say : in the info how to rename Rename the EBOOT.PBP to UPDATE.PBP in the :/PSP/GAME/UPDATE folder.. i have run the lumines game and the screen is going blue for a second...!! i wass happy smilies/grin.gif then i have check th version and i was 3.11 hen .... smilies/grin.gif then i try to run the x.yz update file (from the memory stick - game ) it is running an is some point it says.... UPDATE.PBP is not found.......and its going black.... and turns of... or goes to the main manu again.... please help me ..... and have check the NetConfigBackup from the memory stick and its loading and in some point its.... says that it cant run the aplication ..... please hemp me.... what must i do ... ???/???
September 22, 2007

Skyblue said:

  Help, anybody???
It worked - almost. I did everything and my 3.11/TA-082 PSP is now a 1.50. So far so good. But then I tried to play my Lumines UMD and keep ending up with at black screen. I've tried Devhook 0.52 (0.6i) in order to play my Rachet & Clank UMD game (requires 3.11), but Devhook starts rebooting and then the whole thing just shuts down.
Any ideas?
September 23, 2007

Nick Blais said:

  I just stopped by to say this is a great release. I have one of these blocked PSPs and it warms my heart that you guys actually thought of me ^_^

But seriously, I can't downgrade because of the dependancy to Lumines. I mean, is there any other ways to downgrade without Lumines .
September 25, 2007

Sammanthad said:

September 25, 2007

king said:

  I'm new to this but i download the 3.11hen downgrade file and 1.50EBOOT file and got copy of lumines but this greatest hits.... i was following the guide but i can't get this to work. this what i did copy ms_root file in to my memory card got the 1.50 EBOOT.PBP put in psp>game>update i had make update file cause there was not one, Change the EBOOT to UPDATE.PBP then put in lumines GH i get no flash or reset when i push x button or start game. so i'm kinda lost so anyone point me the right way to 1.50 still at 3.11
September 26, 2007

Desperate & poor player ... said:

  I have a psp ver 3.03 ... I don't want to buy GTA LC... Can i just upgrade to 3.11 then use your downgrade for 3.11 ??? Plz i'm desperate i need to start using my psp again ... THANK YOU !!!
September 26, 2007


  PLLEEZZZEEE HELP ME ive been waiting for tis downgrader for ages and great job for pulling through but i cant get it to work a second time. ive gone to HEN mode once already and accidentally formated my memstik. now it wont work at all. the screen doesnt change colors at all no matter what i do please help me if u kno nething about this just leave it in a reply or email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it thank you so much for ur support and keep up the good work noobz,
September 26, 2007

Hi xD said:

  some1 help me i he says load the game and then pres x? lol? do i need to have the game?? lemunis or something???? pls some1 tell all the stuffs i need to let it work smilies/kiss.gif smilies/kiss.gif
September 29, 2007

k.v said:

  can u make hen for 3.52 plz
September 29, 2007

Hi xD said:

  Would A Demo version of Lemunis work ??
September 29, 2007

franky said:

  how can i downgrade my psp what i must do for it???
October 01, 2007

Mr181513 said:

downloaded LUMINES (cso/iso), would it work on the downgrading process?
Do I have to buy the original one? And does it have to be EUR and US version?
October 03, 2007

francesco from italy said:

  this program didn't work with my psp that now it is only a lifless brick... smilies/cry.gif
October 22, 2007

creeper11111 said:

  just one fing do u need the gae to do this or can u just do it enyway pos
October 28, 2007

GIO said:

CAN SOMEONE TELL ME smilies/grin.gif
October 28, 2007

Spoonizzle said:

  Are there any downgraders for 2.81 users out there anywhere? if so please let me know smilies/sad.gif
November 04, 2007

YESSSS said:

  FINALLY, i Hav ebeen waitin 4 this, jsut downgraded now.
November 14, 2007

pornstar said:

  help me with this, how will i load the lumines, i already download the 1.50 version and change its name to UPDATE.PBB. the lumines is in the saved data utility, how will i load it? what am i gonna do?
November 20, 2007

Wondering said:

  If u buy Lumines from the shop now is it to late?
November 21, 2007

Oh NO said:

  There is no More Lumines in the shops smilies/sad.gif
November 22, 2007

Ben90 said:

  Well i have waited ages for this and once my PSP is charged up, i will downgrade to 1.50 using Lumines. Lucky for me, my brother gave his PSP with games and accessories to our half nephew and he didnt want Lumines when he got given the PSP so he let me have it, thats luck right there smilies/grin.gif
November 22, 2007

aryan said:

  guyz, whr do i gt lumines from???
November 30, 2007

bladowngrader22222222 said:

  can you please get a downgrader for psp version 3.73
December 07, 2007

bladowngrader22222222 said:

  if possible can you also get a new custom firmware because my psp suks because i did a network update and updated to 3.73 and now i cant get the custom firmware unless you guys create a higher version such as 3.74 and up or get a downgrader for 3.73 got to version 1.50 and then use custom firmware version 3.71 m33.
If possible please help I'm struggling and other people are as well i thought that upgrading would make it better but it only made it worse. THank you
my email is This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
December 07, 2007

Dr Pepper said:

  Ive followed the directions and nothing happens, lumines just loads fine and i dont get any loading of any screens or anything... strange... "Im using FW 3.11 hope my Lumines isnt patched, wouldnt know if it was... and i copied all of the stuff where it needs to be and nothing happens smilies/cry.gif "
December 17, 2007

Dr Pepper said:

  Hah! Nevermind smilies/smiley.gif That was an OMFG moment, i did two things wrong, NOTICE: Extract contents of MS_ROOT to Memory card, AND 2# Get to the title screen of Lumines and THEN push X smilies/grin.gif smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/wink.gif
December 17, 2007

Dr Pepper said:

  freaking awesome software! thanks a lot smilies/wink.gif
December 17, 2007

abdi said:

  can u make a version for the liberty city stories
December 18, 2007

ChronicMan said:

  downloaded LUMINES (cso/iso), would it work on the downgrading process
December 19, 2007

Phaster said:

  hey there N00bz Team.... i love u guys.... i not only downgraded my psp to 1.5 but now i even got the pandoras battery and MS. Thank You so much... and for those guys out there... with 3.03 or higher.... i can only tell you one thing.. wait and u will get your downgrader... these ppl are the bomb... i thought id never downgrade my 2.81 ta-082 model.. but these guys make things possible... one more thing is that pandoras battery is a cool thing. i tried it on some psp's and it worked great. not sure on 3.03 and up but the lower ones work fine... i think that if u ever get a chance to use a pandora battery and MS. use is dont hesitate. no matter what version... it doesnt use bugs or any game so its kinda of an outside flasher... that flashes ur psp to 1.5 without requiring any kind of game or bugs.. like hen and others.... Thanks to all those that work so hard to make things possible for us..(dark-alex, the noobz team, psp hacks and all the others, dont really know all of you guys but i love u guys.. thanx and god bless yall for all u have done. u can imagine how happy i am that i waited and u guys have done it again.. peace
January 12, 2008

beezoo said:

  dose this works on ver.3.10 too? sorry if its a stupid question?? HELP !!!!!!!!PLZ
January 25, 2008

Treevor said:

  I keep getting a error message help me
February 08, 2008

Aled said:

  I put hen onto my 3.11 psp but when I clicked on the update X.YZ it says UPDATE.PBP. not found please help send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
February 14, 2008

lanner said:

I have an fat TA-86 and have test to downgrade with pandora cementario V4 , but i have this error juste at the end :
flashing file flash0 :/vsh/modul net play-serveur-plus utility.prx (11 psar decode error,pos= 0X008667B0)

Now i have black screen .... What can i do to now please ? try with pandora for 1.50 ?
Thanks for your help
March 24, 2008

johnnyrocketfingers said:

  say im on 3.11 and i use pandora battery method to get back to 1.50 ,are my id storage keys going to be messed up or will nothing happen ,im leaning toward the nothing happening ,but just for others who might be wondering ? so does the pandora method remove the id keys problem?
March 29, 2008

BS!!!! said:

  this s**t dont work its trash!!!!!
April 02, 2008

riddhish said:

  can ull plz remove a downgrader 4 3.72 plzzzzz im dying 4 it
April 03, 2008

Sympathy said:

  Hey, I have an 3.11 PSP and wish to downgrade to 1.5, but when I put all the files in the proper place and try to run Lumines it will work normally and not give the system 3.11 HEN and I am 100% I have all the files in the correct location though. I checked through 3 websites to make sure I was doing it right.
April 09, 2008

hules287 said:

  Hey guys im a bit stuck with my psp im on version 3.11 i copy all the files into the correct places and then when i insert lumines and hit the x button it just starts normally???? Really confusing can someone help out??
April 19, 2008

dash said:

  can it use for 3.52m33-4 ??
i stuck at it too.... cant upgrade
April 29, 2008

dash said:

  can it use for 3.52m33-4 ??
im stuck on it too.... !! it say error checking idstorage error 0x000000020 !!
i cant update T.T
April 29, 2008

Gyal Flex said:

  i have gta (LCS) and a corny psp with the 3.11 firmware...cant find lumines. trying everything but i dont want to brick the damn thing...any other options?
May 22, 2008

anedapogi said:

  plz make a 3.73 HEN!!!
May 31, 2008

moneymike said:

  please make a downgrader or hen or something to gt custom firmware on my 3.73 psp
July 25, 2008

Raj91 said:

i just got a psp which is 3.95 so when will i be able to dowmgrader it
August 11, 2008

"the street gangsta " said:

  interesting s**t but where do ya get dem from smilies/cool.gif can u tell all ov us smilies/cheesy.gif cuz mos oov us dont no smilies/angry.gif
September 08, 2008

mac said:

  thanks the downgrader worked fine for me..
December 10, 2008


  I know im new to this hack stuff but i got m psp to get custom frimware and i was putting a theme but i brick my psp. To make it worst i try to fix it but i just end up fully bricking it i cant access the recovery mode and it wont trun on. I have a magic memory stick and a pandora battery my psp has custom frimware 3.90m33 if can any body help.
February 19, 2009

above post is a moron! said:

  your syupid sucks for you . try the pandora again! backup your FLASH0!!!!!!!!!!
June 23, 2009

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